How To Build Your Brand And Authority On Instagram

Brand And Authority On Instagram

Implementing a solid social media strategy is no small feat. Growing your brand and becoming an authority on Instagram takes time, effort, and knowledge about social media trends. Depending on your brand and what industry you’re in, different accounts need to share various kinds of content.


Regardless of your niche industry, there are certain rules to follow and strategies to use to grow your brand on Instagram. We’ll break down the basics on how to create and build up a successful brand on Instagram.

Post Consistent, High Quality Content

This is a big one, and it’s definitely easier said than done. There are a few factors you should consider when creating content for your brand on Instagram:


  • Quality: All photographs and videos should be high quality: no blurry or grainy images. The images should have a clear focal point, and should be tastefully edited. Don’t use too many filters – start with a good photo or video and you’ll only need some light filtering and editing to touch up.
  • Branding: Everything you post should be on-brand. Ask yourself how each post relates to your business or brand, and make sure that it fits with your message, industry, and aesthetic. Posting irrelevant content will hurt your brand and confuse your followers as to what your account is all about.
  • Coherence: Your posts should be cohesive, and your profile should have a consistent aesthetic. Creating an aesthetically, visually pleasing Instagram will make your brand look better overall and help followers see your brand’s style. Many accounts stick to a pre-planned color palette in all of their content so that the grid of all of their posts meshes well.
  • Timing: Knowing when and how often to post is vital. You should post when your followers are online and ready to engage. Instagram Insights for business profiles can help you find peak posting times, as can other more broad research. It’s also important to know how often to post. You want to keep your followers engaged and interested without flooding their feeds with too many posts.


Develop a plan in terms of the type of content you want to post. There are tools available to help you plan out a series of posts to see how they look next to one another. Creating an on-brand, aesthetically pleasing Instagram account full of quality content is vital to growing your brand.

Use the Right Hashtags

Hashtags are often overlooked or seen as spammy, but when used correctly they can drastically help your Instagram account. The key is to find and use the right hashtags for your industry and brand voice.


Hashtags help you reach a larger audience by placing your posts on the explore pages for those tags, so others who are interested in that topic can find your page. If you run a local business, use location tags as well to cater to a local audience.

Research the best hashtags to use for your specific niche. Check out what competitors are using for reference. Aim to use some broad hashtags, as well as more specific ones that apply to your brand. To make your content look cleaner, hide your hashtags by using spacers in your captions or by leaving them in a comment instead of in the caption itself.

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Grow Your Following

Building your brand on Instagram also means building up followers. Having a larger following suggests legitimacy and authority, so it’s important that you’re constantly working to grow your account.

A large following on Instagram is essentially social proof to others than your brand is relevant and worth checking out. Having a lot of followers can also help you get verified on Instagram. Growing those followers is not always simple, however.

You can find new followers via hashtags and location tags, as well as by simply working on posting high quality content. Even with focused effort, however, it can be difficult to significantly increase your following on social media.

If you’re committed to growing your brand online, consider investing in an Instagram growth service. This does not mean buying fake followers – that will hurt your account as well as your brand image. There are tools out there that offer real Instagram growth, finding followers targeted by industry that are real people who will actually engage. Check out these tools rather than driving yourself crazy trying to grow your account, so you can focus on branding and content instead.

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Engage With Your Followers

Aim to engage with both new followers and old ones. Engaging with followers will encourage them to engage with you, which can make your page look better to both Instagram’s algorithm and potential new followers.

Like and comment on others’ posts, follow similar brands, and ask your followers what they want to see. Asking a question in captions can often improve engagement. You can even consider DMing new followers to thank them for checking out your page to make them feel appreciated and get them to stick around.

Engagement is an important factor on social media, arguably as important as the number of followers you have. Even if you have a million followers, your account will look bad if you get no likes. Be sure to engage with your audience, and always post with their interests in mind.

Build Your Brand by Focusing on Quality

Above all, focus on quality and the rest will come in due time. Building a successful Instagram account doesn’t happen overnight, but by using these best practices and considering your audience, you’ll be sure to find success.


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