Advantages of the digitalization of companies


What is known asdigital transformationis the process that allows a company to transfer its operations from an analog and physical plane to a much more technological one.

Within this framework of actions there are alsostructural changes at the administrative and labor level, always with the aim of providing a better user experience to consumers, in turn giving the profitability that keeps the company afloat and allowing the collective development of the entire the workforce.

For this reason, in this article,we explain the advantages associatedwith this redefinition of the digital skills of a business as well as the most important details of thephases of digital transformation .

What are the advantages of digitizing a company?

Understanding the benefits behind business digitization strategies is keyto being able to measure the positive impactthat these elements of change can have on the organizational balance of a company.

The following aspects are some of the most important benefits of the long list ofshort- and long-term advantagesin the financial future of a startup that is committed to incorporating digital strategies and tools to achieve success in its commercial path.

1. New contact channels are opened

Maintainingclose and continuous contact with your clienteleis something that can mark a before and after in the financial prosperity of your business. Especially in an era in which we are all interconnected for most of the day thanks to the internet and web communication tools such as social networks.

Involvinga tool such as emailor a mobile application in the foundations of this communication model also allows companies to retain a greater number of customers. This is thanks to the versatility that exists in the type of messages that these companies want and can transmit to their target audience on a digital platform like the one in both examples.

2. There is an operational and administrative optimization

Digital tools are the undisputed leaders when it comes to enablinggreater productivity for their users, at least when compared to traditional, fully manual or analog equipment.

For example, adigitized billing system cantake care of inventory accounting and directly separate the profit percentage and the taxable amount of each transaction.

Instead, mental accounting is dependent on the skills of a specialist and therefore is completely useless,from an objective perspective, before an innovation like this.

The same applies to other operational areas of a business such aspurchasing processes from distributorsor the integration of frequent users through an affiliate network.

3. Make budgeting decisions easier

If the business has digital accounting and its operations have completely moved to a landscape thatuses technology and process automationas its work tools, a drastic reduction in budget spending is achieved.

This makes it easier for each purchase, each expense andeach accumulation of profits tobe better distributed within the financial balance of these same companies.

4. Labor productivity grows

Automation processes in companies not only favor the offer to the customer by improving the user experience. We affirm this by the fact thatthe functions of each employee can be rethoughtso that they meet much more relevant needs within the business organization.

As a consequence, productivity is doubledwithout the need to increase the number of employeesand it is all due to a strategic use of technology to serve each operational branch of the enterprise or corporate organizations that are being digitized.

5. Innovation is encouraged

A process of technological integration in a company always impliesa much freer and unconventional thoughtabout the changes that must be made to achieve administrative digitization. Therefore, it can be said that innovation is constantly being encouraged.

6. Improve profitability to attract investment

If the budget is balanced, daily operations are optimized and productivity has doubled, it is understandable thateconomic profitability is an attractive aspectfor any investor and even more so for yourself as the owner of the business project.

7. The potential of digital marketing is exploited

Attracting new customers andretaining the loyalty of peoplewho have already trusted your products and services is much more practical and advantageous in the 2.0 environment.

For this reason, digital marketing becomes your best resource to be able to function profitably among the great competition ofcompanies with a profile on social networksand with a fully automated and digitized sales platform.

Why is marketing automation a concept that goes hand in hand with business digitization?

On the other hand, the automation of a company’s marketing issomething that comes hand in hand with the digitizationof its operational and administrative bases.

And it is that it is a predictable and quite logical reality knowing thatmaintaining a solid and continuous positionin the different platforms that are incorporated into the commercial interests of the enterprise becomes a real necessity.

At leastif you want this transition to be successful and lastingover time and also if you want to have a growth capacity that is consistent with today’s technological landscape.

So, achievinga visible page for search algorithmsor a navigable and friendly interface for the user experience are some of the criteria that can be addressed and solved with business marketing automation of a digitized project.

What steps must be followed for the digital transformation of a company?

Digital automation processes go beyond simple social media management. For this reason , itis logical that there are programs such as Acelera Pyme, which seek to invest government funds in the diversification of the Spanish business universe.

This is being done with the clear intention that the average entrepreneur enter once and for allinto a more efficient and modern scenarioin which the digitization of their project ceases to be a budget challenge.

So the following aspects aresome of the general stepsthat must be followed in business digitization processes if you do not want to encounter unwanted inconveniences in the operational change process.

1. Training of the workforce and available technologies

The training of employees and the adaptation of the technical team isthe most consistent first stepwhen starting a digital transformation process in an emerging or established company.

It must be taken into account that itis useless to receive the financing capitalto make these changes if, after being established, there is no one who knows how to cope with them in the day-to-day business.

2. Definition of the chosen strategy

Considering a course is decisive, butestablishing the meansthat will take you to it even more. So you have to define a digitization strategy based on your specific needs.

And it is not the same to go from retailing witha business-to-business approach to an e-commerceformat as having to plan and develop a real-time auction platform for personalized assistance services.

3. Organizational restructuring

Within that same transition from a traditional administrative format to a digitized one, it will be necessary to reorganize several aspects ofhow the business conceives itselfand what are the levels of responsibilities for each work department.

It is something predictable and logical, and therefore Digital Marketing specialists are always available tothose who need more concrete adviceto navigate this period of operational confusion.

4. Setting objectives for time periods

Having realistic expectationscan help you understand that digitalization is not the solution to all your problems, but at least it is a change that can help you enormously to get rid of most of them.

For example, a short-term goal may bethe complete assimilation by your employeesof the new technological systems necessary to carry out their responsibilities.

5. Staging of the project and continuous analysis of the results

Digitization is a project that allows the results to be checked on a constant basis andthis is a priorityto follow the same order of decisions that you have been developing until now.

If it doesn’t happen, you also have the alternative ofreconfiguring efforts under a new perspectivewith other types of tools. But you can only do this by closely monitoring all the details involved in the digitization of your company.

How can you complete a digital transformation scheme with marketing automation?

The best way to achieve a digital transformation in a prudent time andwithout wasting money in the processis by hiring the advice of an agency with a team trained for each aspect of your operational transition.

Well, there are aspects that will be oriented to web development,others will have to do with advertising positioningand some will be focused on tax accounting and electronic invoicing.

Contact trained professionals

NothingADis an agency that meets all the characteristics to execute a digital transformation of your company and to complement with aMarketing Automation. Which guarantees the profitability of your new e-commerce operations with visibility in the demographic groups that interest you.

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