How to attract new customers to your business

attract new customers

There are awide variety of marketing strategies with which you can attract the attention of customersand, in this way, attractthem to buy your products and services. In addition,online marketing and offline marketing strategies(through the use ofadvertising business gifts) are useful to subsequentlyretain customerswho already trust your company.

Theuse of online marketing strategies (SEM, SEO, email marketing or content marketing) is widespreadand, currently, these types of strategies will not help to differentiate your company due to the high level of competition that exists. On the other hand,by carrying out offline marketing strategies, such as theuse of notebooks to personalizeor other useful promotional products or carrying out outdoor advertising,you can stand out from the competition bygiving away useful and original corporate products.

In this article weshow you the most outstanding advantages of using merchandisingand company giftsas a way of promoting a company.

Main advantages of using personalized merchandising to increase the visibility of your company

Themain advantages of using personalized merchandising in your marketing strategyare the following:

  • Increased brandawareness: Giving away personalized products with your company logo and/or sloganhelps make your company better known. For this reason, the notoriety and recognition of your brand increases due to the fact thatmany people will carry your company’s logo and/or slogan visible at all timeson the personalized product that you have given them.
  • Branding: they helpcreate a brandsince there is a wide variety of products, such as t-shirts or sweatshirts, which areideal for your employees to use to workand, in this way, for workers to convey an image of professionalism.
  • Low cost: despite the fact that there are expensive corporate gifts since they have certain characteristics that make them exclusive,most corporate gifts are cheap, therefore, it is an offline marketing strategy that can be carried out by all types of companies: small, medium and large.
  • They are useful– Personalized gifts, unlike business cards,are useful as they have a clear function. Therefore,these gifts are likely to be used and not left in a drawerlike business cards or other personalized company products with little use.
  • Attract and retain customers: with business gifts you canattract new customers in any situation(business event, in your own establishment, etc…)
  • Improve the work environment and reduce work absenteeism:with personalized company gifts you canimprove the work environmentsince these gifts make employeesfeel part of the companyand, furthermore, a positive consequence of gifts is that they It has been verified that, by giving corporate gifts to employees,absenteeism from work decreases drastically.

These are themain advantages that corporate gifts bring to organizations, businesses or associations in all business sectors,since corporate gifts can also be made by any sports club, association or organization.

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