Much has been said about the digital transformation that organizations must face to remain at the forefront in a world that is advancing at an accelerated pace. It is important to highlight that the digital transformation goes beyond the application of a technology, it is an integration of all areas of the company, with one or several tools, to generate an organizational change that adds value to all the processes of the company. company.

Among the main advantages of digital transformation are increased productivity, efficiency and effectiveness, things impossible to achieve without process automation. Nowadays, companies can find technological allies that allow them to advance in their accounts payable automation processes , sales funnels, product deliveries, after-sales services or any other production process that involves process automation through robotics.

Is automation going to replace humans?

In some contexts we understand automation as the substitution of tasks in which there is a high percentage of human intervention, for other tasks that can be performed automatically by digital platforms created for that purpose. The implementation of technology facilitates the automation of some repetitive tasks. However, high-value tasks will continue to fall to people. In reality, technology is available to human beings, to help them and facilitate tasks, but not to replace them.

Not becoming obsolete in the face of technology is a challenge that educational institutions in Latin America must take on. Priority should be given to quality education that teaches us to use these digital tools and that develops strategic thinking to find automation a competitive advantage and not a danger that threatens our daily work.

Advantages of automation in digital transformation

With automation, companies will be able to improve the quality of their services, anticipating problems that may arise in procedures, to make requests more effective, ensure compliance with regulations and improve time reduction in the process cycle. Companies that manage to create automated processes will obtain significant advantages over their competitors that will put them at the forefront of the sector.

Automation must be approached responsibly, thinking about the needs of the business and the impact it will have on workers. If done correctly, it will be the way to start a digital transformation that will undoubtedly guarantee greater productivity, reduce costs, and improve competitiveness.