Avoid Hefty Medical Bills During Medical Emergencies in these 5 Ways

medical bills

Health is wealth, and taking care of health these days has become a costly affair. Several families end up burning their savings and fall into debt while trying to protect their family members. One day spent in the hospital can entail expensive charges, and to avoid such hefty expenses, it is advisable to purchase medical insurance plans.

Amidst the ongoing pandemic, it becomes even more important to get yourself and your family insured against unforeseen medical emergencies. More people have started purchasing medical insurance plans to safeguard themselves from high treatment costs. Opt for a plan that will provide coverage to you and your family after knowing how to get health insurance for you and family. Keep in mind that a suitable health insurance plan addresses the financial needs of an individual for various medical reasons.

You can reduce the hefty medical bills incurred during medical emergencies in the following ways –

Whether you have a medical insurance plan or not, it is important to have a basic understanding of a well-defined medical bill. Whenever you are visiting a doctor, you need to pay attention to all the medical items and services that they can charge for. From routine consultations with the doctor to emergency hospital visits, everything has a price.

In case you own medical insurance, the information about your treatment will first be submitted to your insurance company as a claim. The insurance company will review your medical insurance plans and determine how many benefits your plan covers.

  • Request for an Itemized Bill

An itemized bill can be defined as a specific bill that comprises the details on the services provided, including the dates and charges for each item of service. It is your right to know what you are paying for and the cost of each service provided. Do not pay a bill that is overcharged or incorrect. It is your right to request a ‘hold’ on your bill, which can delay the due date unless you confirm that everything on the bill is correct.

  • Ask for Maximum Claims from Your Insurer

As a responsible individual, it is your duty to keep track of any hospital bills the company rejects or any drug that is not covered by your policy. If you believe that your insurer needs to pay more, do not hesitate to ask for better coverage.

  • Ask for Income Based Pricing

When you are looking amongst the various medical insurance plans available, it will help by being honest about your financial situation. You can also request income-based pricing if you don’t have sufficient money in your account. It is common for doctors to collaborate with insurance companies to get better quotes for their members. Even if you don’t own medical insurance, you can still request to be charged at the same negotiated rate.

  • Master the Art of Negotiation

The numbers on the medical bills are not final; there is always a scope for negotiation. After learning how a medical bill works, you can look into which items can be negotiated easily. If you are being overcharged than what you see, this is the best situation to negotiate for a better price. You should focus on reaching an amount that you can afford, and that is less than the original, and still covers the cost of the medical treatment.

Stay Insured Under a Suitable Medical Insurance Plan

Amongst an array of medical insurance plans available to choose from, selecting the most suitable one can be challenging. You can buy a health insurance plan from renowned insurers like Tata AIG. They provide you with extensive yet simplified health insurance policies based on your requirements and benefits like:

  • Coverage for covid treatment
  • Cashless hospitalization
  • In-Patient treatment
  • Consumable Benefits

A medical insurance policy reimburses the policyholder for expenses that are incurred in the treatment of various illnesses and injuries. Therefore, make sure you research well before buying one to deal with the unexpected medical emergencies without burning a hole in your pocket.

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