I am a B2B business… why do I need to be on Social Networks?


Business benefits of being active online

There are many companies that continue to think thatsocial networkscan only be used by those brands that are aimed at the final public: BIG MISTAKE. A B2B business needs both 2.0 and B2C platforms as these will allow it to reach its target audience, consolidate its brand, reform its image and control its reputation. At the end of the day, not being in the networks does not guarantee that you will not be talked about, which is certain that you will not be aware of what others are committing and that is a significant risk for any brand since they will not be able to control it or, at least not immediately.

It is true that each business is different, unique and unrepeatable, hence each company needs to establish acommunication and digital marketingcampaign that is aimed at its target audience, whether professional or end consumer. Of course, every strategy must be created and implemented by professionals who know how to measure results, draw conclusions and make decisions at the right time to redirect the action plan if necessary. If this is started by amateurs, it can be a risk for the brand due to the possible mistakes that may be made or not knowing how to react to an online communication crisis.


In recent years, the fact that a company does not have active profiles on social networks causes the same mistrust as that of one that does not have awebsite. Users believe that this old-fashioned and communicative attitude responds to an unforgiving lack of transparency.

We cannot forget that the 2.0 consumer seeks to go beyond the brand, they want to know who is behind it, their human side and for this they need to relate to it. Making the leap from business to social will give users new perspectives on the company and bring them closer to them.

And the more knowledge about the brand, the more recognition and increase in notoriety. We are in the era where recommendations carry more weight than ever because now looking foropinionson a certain product or service is as easy as asking Google. Without being present in social networks, users can share their experiences and our products and increase the visibility of the brand as well as its credibility.

By being active in the networks we can know what our target is like, what they want from our brand and what they lack. The company can improve by taking into account the opinions of itsfollowers, as well as having the opportunity to resolve conflicts or misunderstandings in record time without the brand image being damaged by an unfortunate comment or mismanagement.

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And if you have not yet convinced yourself why your B2B business should be present on social networks, we will give you 4 more reasons that will surely convince you:

1.- Boost yourcorporatebranding, making your brand become an opinion leader and, therefore, position itself better than the competition

2.- Get to increase yourweb visits

3.- Improve yourSEOpositioning and we already know that consumers trust only the websites that appear in the first positions of the search engines

4.- You will not lose track of thecompetition. You will be able (like them) to see what their strategies are, what content they share and the response they get from them

Having said this, you only have to find out in which social networks you must be present to reach your audience. We can explain it to you but that will be another day in another post.

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