Barriers to Automated Testing and How to Overcome Them

Modern-age companies understand the significance of automated testing. 90 percent of such companies consider it an aid to perform tests faster. Automated testing has helped organizations to enhance the process of software quality assessment along with the fast speed of delivery while detecting the bugs and other potholes in the early stages of the software development life cycle (SDLC).

As per a study, in 2018, 61 percent of companies were found having automation rates of less than 50 percent in their services. Many automation experts speculated that this happened due to several complex issues faced by the organizations performing automated testing.

Many companies adopt the approach of unit testing to perform automated testing where they split the building process into several segments and perform the test for each component of the application separately. In a few cases, modern-age app developers integrate their code to a shared repository through continuous integration and verify each integration with the help of automated testing. This leads to an easy inclusion and validation of new and already existing functionalities.

Barriers that appear in the initial stages of development through automated testing escape heavy expenses. Early changes in the code of applications indulge in a quick rectification of bugs in the project by the developers. It shows the least possibility of having any bugs present in the system that may cause an implementation to terminate and become particularly useless. This leads to the fastened and flawless delivery of software products.

Significant Barriers Faced in Automated Testing With Respective Solutions

In an overview of the automated testing in the previous part of this article, we discussed how automated testing has played a key role in advancing the modern-age app development. This will help you to understand that it is highly worthwhile to tackle the challenges faced in the process of automated testing rather than avoiding the use of this state-of-the-art technology to test simple and even the most complex applications.

Technology is a key component when it comes to planning the best automation strategy for your business. You can realize the absence of this technological significance while testing your application with an old testing tool.

Let us have a look at the most significant barriers to automated testing with the respective ways to pass on them efficiently:

Optimization Strategies

In my research of the best automated testing tools, I found a testing tool called LambdaTest, The tool is particularly used for Selenium test automation with the help of cloud-based Selenium Grid. While diving deeper into the Selenium Course, I asked a few automated testing professionals about their review of this tool. Many of them asserted that a tool like LambdaTest which particularly indulges in selenium test automation for automated testing and a 100 percent test coverage in an online device infrastructure of over 2000 desktop and mobile browser platforms.

Implementation of Right Tools & Approach

The most typical and earliest issue faced by the automated testing performers is of choosing the most apt tool to perform such tests. You can find several open-source and shareware in the market that claims to support a wide range of test types and technologies. Every tool is designed to support a specific set of conditions.

To adopt the most apt strategy of managing the time and costs invested in software development, most companies always prefer automated testing but they face issues while exploring the right tools to perform automated testing for them. For any company, the definition of the right tool may refer to the tool that is versatile according to the type of technologies they use, cost-efficient and offers 100 percent test coverage.

To avoid falling into the fake claims of companies providing testing tools, users are suggested to always prefer to use freeware where they can identify the compatibilities and features of the tool through a free trial version. Also, doing good research about the tool you are going to invest your time and money in is a key solution to recognize and choose the right one. During the assessment of a tool, users should checklist their tool requirements on the basis of advice received from experts with adequate experience in the same domain.

In my research of the best automated testing tools, I found a testing tool called LambdaTest, The tool is particularly used for Selenium test automation with the help of cloud-based Selenium Grid. I asked a few automated testing professionals about their review of this tool. Many of them asserted that a tool like LambdaTest which particularly indulges in selenium test automation for automated testing and a 100 percent test coverage in an online device infrastructure of over 2000 desktop and mobile browser platforms.

Complex Test Scripts

With a lack of apt programming skills, it becomes a crucial job for Quality Testing professionals to write complex test automation scripts. Most of the test automation frameworks are there in the market that requires the testers to have prior knowledge of programming to prepare automation scripts using different scripting languages and frameworks.

Selenium supports a range of programming languages like Java, Python, and C#. Each programming language is supported by a specific framework to indulge in the best test automation strategy. This signifies an increasing demand for programming skills in the world of automated testing these days.

The best approach to overcome this typical problem is to understand the basics of the most widely applicable programming language such as Python. This will help you to write basic script and code reuse across different technologies. As a company, you need professionals who possess a keen interest in learning a new technology or programming language as per the need of different testing frameworks. Additionally, professionals with a good prior understanding of programming can indulge in better interaction with the development team.

Highly Demanding Turn Around Time

Timely response and quick identification of issues advance a company’s automated testing strategy and save plenty of time and money. Proper allocation of time is a crucial component in the stage of automated testing where it comes with a significant overhead to allow the creation of test scripts in time. This overhead of the situation leads to enhanced utilization of an agile development strategy.

Testers add tasks to the user stories to write functional automated test scripts indulging in the most sustainable test automation. A proactive strategy to respond within a turn around time drives the most sophisticated estimation of development activities which comprises a fostering development approach where automated testing plays a vital role.

Data Dependency Problems

Automated testing resolves even the most complicated data problems existing within applications. When a test is run, it likely requires a certain set of information to be in a specific state. This can also create problems in a few situations. For example, what occurs if a test content is being run against different condition setups simultaneously? Will it flop because of the two cases of the application using similar data from a similar database? Management of information by one example of the test’s execution may cause another fizzle. On the other hand what about the situation where the information for automated testing is set up through the execution of another script?

A compelling method to deal with these potential issues is to write test scripts acting naturally and totally independent of each other. At the end of the day, all test scripts ought to be created to make and tidy up all information required for their effective execution. Thus, the testing team creates the chance of test failures because of data issues. Likewise, the DevOps group will be appropriately arranged — from a test data — to scale up to any degree of test parallelization they want.

Compatibility With the Test Environment

Testing communities that don’t perform automation tests in the cloud that confront versatility challenges. Automated testing quickly manages the varying test situations that mechanized testing requires, scale them up, run the tests, breaking down, and do everything again similarly as quickly in case you’re not trying in the cloud. Testers ordinarily have a set number of situations they can utilize, which implies fewer tests they can send at some random time. Thus, testing takes any longer.

Regardless of whether your association doesn’t plan to move applications that have generally been into cloud conditions, you can present a defense for moving test situations to the cloud. Not exclusively will this make it conceivable to scale test robotization, yet it will likewise lessen the testing expenses. Integrating a test domain in the cloud implies you can rapidly assemble it, deliver the product, run the automated tests, and afterward break down.

Test Maintenance

Maintaining tests is one of the most crucial barriers to automated testing. Manual tests are typically considered brittler to coordinate with application systems. Whenever the system is auto-updated, a number of regression tests inevitably render. Testers need to recognize the impacts of such tests on the system respective to complexities and error-prone nature of the system.

For instance, the automated testing tool LambdaTest selenium grid which provides a separate option for maintaining automation tests. Test maintenance can also be automated to indulge in a rigorous testing strategy. Although, automated testing maintenance is regardless of not considering the system compatibility.

Wrapping Up

As compared to other types of testing, automated testing allows relatively faster identification and resolution of barriers. Within a software application’s codebase, integration of automated testing itself is reduced significant amounts of risks, but it is considered the best to use automation testing tools like LambdaTest where you get a full-time test coverage, easy detection and rectification of bugs and the best thing about this tool is, it is highly affordable and still it provides a shareware version of their tool so users can experience the tool and then go for a longer premium of services.

Companies these days are taking significant steps to develop effective automation tests to create a simplified script and ensure the independent behavior of these tools with a peer-to-peer interaction with the team of developers to assess the quality of the entire automation test architecture.

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