Instagram WordPress Plugins – The benefits and three best plugins to opt-in for

Instagram has more than one billion users and is one of the fastest emerging social networking platforms globally! Also, many industry verticals depend on Instagram to a great extent to promote their services and goods. Right from music, fashion, fitness to cooking, and many more industry verticals – Instagram has everyone covered. Most people love to check a brand’s social media profile on Instagram because of high-end and vibrant pictures.

One of the main reasons that make Instagram popular amongst brands and social influencers is its simplicity! All you need to do is take a picture using your Smartphone device, enhance it with a stunning filter, share the same online without using your computer or laptop. Instagram is one of the fastest social media platforms as compared to others. It also gives a professional look to your profile.

Does your start-up business or established organization have an Instagram account? If yes, then you need to use this content on your website. And if you have a WordPress website, you can use some of the best WordPress Instagram Plugins for the same.

Why should you place the Instagram images on your WordPress website?

An Instagram feed is more exciting and vibrant in comparison to the usual website pictures. Hence, it adds an element of wonder to your brand. Brands and marketers can also moderate the Instagram content from a single place to the other. There are several business owners scan their websites frequently. Using the plugins, they can respond to the Instagram comments without having to leave their website.

The WordPress Instagram plugins also provide user-generated content to the Instagram feed. It enables you to ask for images near a store or a new product as well. And all the pictures get transferred to the WordPress website for your customers to view the same. Also, the Instagram feed on the website maximizes engagement and makes your audience stay for a longer time to check out the photos.

Using the plugins, you can maximize Instagram followers. The people who appear on your website and like the content will try to follow you on Instagram. And if you want to purchase followers and likes additionally, there are specialized service providers for the same. To know more about it, you can check out Insta 4

These are a few but valid reasons for which you need to get your Instagram feed transferred to your website. You can do this using the plugins regardless of whether yours is an eCommerce brand or a retail store. When you present high-end pictures to your followers, add more value to your social media marketing strategy.

Three popular plugins to opt-in for

There are several WordPress Instagram Plugins that you can use from a vast list that’s present. The three popular ones are:

  • Instagram Feed

If you are starting, then the Instagram Feed is the right choice! It is highly simple to configure and allows you to showcase your pictures and multiple Instagram accounts. The other reason it’s popular with start-up businesses is that you get some of the best features completely free. Users can also opt-in for a paid version depending on the number of sites they wish to use the plugin for. With the paid version, users will have access to extra elements, such as the pop-up lightbox for enhanced viewing. It also allows you to showcase the posts using hashtags. One of the reasons for considering the pro version is to highlight the image captions and have immense video support.

  • WP Instagram Widget

Are you not fond of the idea of plugin downloads for all styling features? If yes, then this widget plugin is the correct option for you. This WordPress Instagram Plugin has been zeroed down to the basics. It means the plugin developers have given you the freewill to fashion your gallery with a CSS. Hence, if you are someone who doesn’t want excess styling options, this plugin will work best for you. For instance, if you feel like changing sizes, colors, headings, and have zero ideas about coding, the WP Instagram Widget might not be the ideal option for you.

  • WD Instagram Feed

When you make use of the WB Instagram Feed plugin, you can set up an aesthetic Instagram gallery using the best features, such as the lightbox having captions. These captions come with a free version, which acts as a favorable bonus compared to the Instagram Feed plugin. However, the free version of this plugin comes with an attractive package having choices for hashtag and username feed, thumbnail browser layout, and image.

These are three simple plugins that you can start with when planning to add your Instagram feed to the website. All the plugins are easy to use and will benefit you in some way or the other. Once you are comfortable using these three, you can reach about other plugins and opt-in for them based on the features and the uses.

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