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I have got you covered with the most trending games in this new year 2020 that will definitely put your expert skills to test! Mobile games have covered a long way. The audience is surely loving all the experiments that are being done with the gaming algorithm these days.

Downloading Android games is easier than ever now. There are uncountable gaming apps being uploaded on the Google Play Store everyday. Needless to say, people love most of those. Infact, some of these games have lived a decade long life and still are doing great. To brush up your knowledge of the games, below are some of the trening games listed. Do check them out.

Trending and Best Android Games on the Google Play Store

  1. Snake Beats

If you have been wanting something not too complex and just fun and exciting then this is the best free online games that you must not miss out on! Snake Beats is a game that demands nothing from you. It has been doing wonders in the gaming market by providing the players a way to ditch the stress.

It is a simple and casual game that just wants you to test your navigating skills. The snakes are really attractive with headphones mounted on their heads while the lively music of your choice plays in the background. The graphics of this top android game are fantastic.

Developer- Innovana Games

Price- Free(in-app purchases)

Type- Casual/Music


2. Another Eden

To get an amazing RPG feeling on your mobile, you must download this Android game. A marvelous game that has a very attractive storyline will guarantee you nothing but sheer gameplay. Travel through time and fight for your world. Gear up to save the unknown future from darkness.

The game has been curated by the master expert Masato Kato who wanted to keep it real. The game was designed keeping in mind to offer a real JRPG feel to the players. Experience the past, present, and the future on the authentic musical tunes. This is definitely one of the best playstore games for android that offers you the best graphics and nail biting combat experience.

Developer- WFS, Inc.

Price- Free

Type- Role Playing


  1. Samorost 3

Experience something really phenomenal by downloading this Android game. Breathtaking 3D visuals that look almost alive when you touch your screen. Explore the undiscovered worlds of space with your magic flute to find your roots.

The game is supported by the beautiful artwork and lively music. The most unique thing about this game is that you need to touch the objects that come your way. The moment you touch them, a mystery is either evolved or resolved. You will definitely experience something totally fresh if you decide to play this android game.

Developer- Amanita Design

Price- $4.99

Type- Action and Adventure


  1. Hearthstone

Definitely one of those top android games that is easy to play but very difficult to expertise. Ever thought about controlling the most unpredictable battlefield with the power of cards? Well, this game offers you the power to control and do a lot of things just by using highly powerful cards. Tremendously interactive interface of this game promises to sweep you off your feet.

Download this Android game to get wooed by its fickle challenges. You must be prepared with your strategy to win this cunning battle of cards. The cards are as powerful and will give you the ability to summon minions, cast spells, seize control, and do anything and everything that it takes to win for your glory!

Developer- Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.

Price- Free(in-app purchases)

Type- Card


  1. Battle Chasers: Nightwar

Battle Chasers is one of the best playstore games for android that comes with excellent graphics to keep players hooked to it. Prepare yourself to go on a wild adventure that includes thrilling experiences like diving into dungeons, playing complex levels and much more.

The game runs on a very interesting storyline in which you do a lot of things with your squad. May it be lush green dark forests or snow covered chilly hills, you get to explore them all. On your expedition, you are loaded with superpowers of killing your foes. It is one of the best free android games that is RPG inspired. Indeed a game that can keep you entertained for long because the game is very lengthy.

Developer- Handygames

Price- $9.99

Type- Role Playing


  1. Rise up Love

Another simple, interesting, and challenging game that will force you to stay glued to it for infinite duration. The game has really amusing and attractive graphics that will definitely sprout up more interest in the game.

This one of the best playstore games for android runs under the theme of love. It has a short and sweet storyline in which ‘Daisy’ the love of our hero ‘Dave’ is open to accept the gifts of the ‘Jetpack Boy’. Your aim is to save Daisy from those gifts. The game looks easy in the beginning but becomes difficult as you transit to the succeeding levels.

Developer- Innovana Games

Price- Free(in-app purchases)

Type- Casual


  1. Faraway: Galactic Escape

Manage your survival in a faraway land by facing and winning over the challenges on each and every step. This is how this top android game runs. Tangled in different and challenging chapters, the game unfolds by putting forth a puzzle challenge in front of you.

It starts with easy levels and becomes more complex as you travel forward. The game has beautiful and exotic locations to amaze you. Also, it is accompanied by a foot thumping soundtrack that will give you a real feel. Download this Android game to get mesmerized with amazing 3D effects and it surely is a good way to escape your grinding routine.

Developer- Snapbreak

Price- Free Trial/ $5

Type- Puzzle

  1. Unciv

If civilization games have been tempting you, then you can definitely count on this best free android game. Unciv lets you create your own civilization by researching different technologies and expanding your city.

This may sound easy but no, there is a challenge for you. You need to defeat your enemies to create your city. The graphics may not allure you like other fancy games but that is completely acceptable for a free game and that too without any advertisements. If you have been looking for something simple and good, this is your choice!

Developer- Yair Morgenstern

Price- Free

Type- Strategy


  1. PvZ (Plants Vs Zombies)

Plants with a twist! Yes, this game has offered you a different storyline in which the plants are the last hope for you. These superhero plants are the ones who will save your home against the zombies who aim at spreading horror and destruction on your homeland.

This indeed is one of the Best playstore games for android that can keep you hooked. The plants are utterly powerful as they are loaded with superpowers of hitting the heinous zombies with weapons as peashooter, cherry bombs, walnuts and many more. The plant arsenal has 49 plants that can zap these zombies in one shot. Play this top android game to explore more such exciting things.


Price- Free(in-app purchases)

Type- Strategy


  1. To The Moon

Saying that this is one of the best playstore games for android will not be any wrong. To The Moon is more of a movie like story that unfolds in front of you. It is an adventurous tale of the time. You being the hero, get a chance to relive your life from the reverse all the way back to your childhood.

This top android game comes with excellent pixel graphics and is an unbeatable RPG experience developed by the experts themselves. The game is a fantastic combination of emotions, adventure, and classic RPG that is non-combat. It is available in a number of different languages, so you can choose to play the game in your own language.

Developer- X.D. Network

Price- $4.99

Type- Role Playing


These were some of the best playstore games for android. You can play them to get the entertainment and fun you have been wanting. Some of these games come with a price. Though paying that amount of money for such fun is completely acceptable, you must also check out some of the games that are completely free and come with nominal in-app purchases. Below the games are listed, do check them out.

Best Free Android Games

  • Rise in Love
  • Call of Duty: Mobile
  • Simon Tatham’s Puzzle
  • Asphalt9: Legends
  • Brawl Stars
  • Vainglory
  • Alto’s Odyssey
  • Pocket City
  • Stranger Things: The Game
  • PUBG Mobile
  • Clash Royale
  • Sky Force Reloaded
  • Beach Buggy Racing 2
  • Ancestor
  • Fortnite

So, now we are done with most of the education on some of the best free android games that you can download and play in your free time. Do let me know about your favorite one in the comments below.

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