Best Google Certification Courses

Google Certification Courses

In today’s competitive world, an industry professional will always be required keep acquiring new skills to stay relevant to their field of work. Whether you are a working professional or a student, online courses are the answer for upskilling while dealing with time constraints and busy schedule. We’ve compiled a list of Google certification courses which offer reliable certificates and valuable knowledge.

Use this as your launchpad to growth and career advancement:

Google IT Support Professional

This Certificate program is part of Grow with Google equipping students with interview tips, mock interviews and resume building workshops and career coaching sessions. The virtual assessments provide real-world exposure, dealing with a real-life situation in the field.

Courses Covered Under This Certification

  • Technical Support Fundamentals
  • Bits & Bytes of Computer Networking
  • Become a Power User: Operating System and You
  • System Administration and IT Infrastructure Services
  • Defence against the digital dark craft; IT Security


  1. Level- Beginner
  2. Shareable Certificate
  3. 100% Online Course therefore self-paced
  4. Rating- 4.7
  5. No Prior Knowledge or Experience Required
  6. Subtitles Available in- English, Arabic, Portuguese (Brazilian), Vietnamese, Spanish, French, Russian

Developing Applications With Google Cloud Platform Specialization

Google cloud certification is another addition to Google certification course list incorporating Qwiklabs platform for lab facilities. The quizzes provided are graded by instructors and peers for clearer feedback. One can easily get a raise and contribute efficiently by learning about Google cloud products, included in the video lectures and practical assignments.

4 Courses Covered Under This

  • Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure
  • Getting Started With Application Development
  • Securing and Integrating Components of concerned Application
  • App Deployment, Debugging, and Performance


  1. Level- Intermediate
  2. Shareable Certificate with 4 separate course completion certificates
  3. 100% Online( Almost 1 month to complete)
  4. Subtitles: English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazilian)
  5. Rating- 4.6

Google Online Courses (Google Digital Garage)

The Google Digital Garage has well designed 146 courses widely categorized under 3 fields; namely Digital Marketing, Career Development, Data and Tech divided under 4 choices of duration for completion.

Out of all courses, digital marketing includes a free certification best suited to enter the professional world. It is one of the best Google online certification courses as it helps real businesses and young students to grasp the concept from well-structured short videos and enjoy result-oriented learning.


  1. Level- Beginner
  2. 100% Online and Self-Paced
  3. Rating-4.4
  4. The content provided can be assessed indefinitely
  5. After each module, there is a self-assessment test
  6. After the completion of all the modules, one has to pass the final assessment with a specific % of marks.

Android Basics Nanodegree Program

This program is best suited for the beginners who are highly driven to develop Android apps but lacking prior programming experience. Google along with udacity teaches the students Java Basics and six hands-on projects to apply the skills learned.

Modules Under The Certification

  • Android Basics: User Interface
  • Android Basics: User Input
  • Android Basics: Multi-Screen Apps
  • Android Basics: Networking


  1. Level- Beginner
  2. Online Course with 3 months to complete
  3. Rating-4.4
  4. Knowledge of basic computer skills required
  5. Shareable Certificate

G Suite Administration Specialisation

This specialization will facilitate the skills to master the G Suite establishment and management. The complexity of the skills taught will gradually increase with the course starting from core services like g-mail and calendar. The administrators taking up the course will be able to protect organizational data from security events and risk justifying this Google certification course cost, provider charges.

Courses Covered Under This Specialisation

  • Introduction to G Suite
  • Managing G Suite
  • G Suite Security
  • G Suite Mail Management
  • Planning for your G Suite Deployment


1) Level- Beginner

2) 100% Online, takes approx.2 months to complete

3) Shareable Certificates for each course

4) Languages available for Subtitles- English, French, Russian, Spanish, Brazilian, Japanese

Analytics Course (Google Analytics Academy Course)

Data is one of the most important requirements in the 21st century. It is needed for analyzing and quantifying success and failures into assessable numbers by an organization. Analytics essentially carves a defined path of optimization thus contribute to growth.

Courses Under This Certification

  • Google Analytics for Beginners
  • Advanced Google Analytics
  • Google Analytics for Power Users
  • Getting Started With Google Analytics 360
  • Introduction to Data Studio
  • Google Tag Manager Fundamentals


1) Level- Progresses with the modules

2) Various additional resources provided

3) Mini-courses have been provided ON YouTube to review in short

4) Provider- Google Analytics Academy

5) Shareable certificate with each course


The best Google certification courses are known to provide a special recognition with a certificate for each course. You can leverage this certificate for career advancements, better job prospects and a higher salary. The big brand name and professional validation can add value to your resume which would be perfect to kick start a career. You can enrol for training with IT solutions experts like Koenig Solutions.

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