Best uses of cloud computing

When we hear the word modern day technology then some of the first technologies which come to our mind are Artificial intelligence and big data but one technology which has been so revolutionary that has completely changed the landscape is cloud computing. All the social media sites you use, all the pictures you upload on the intcloud computingernet and all the Google Doc sheets on which you work along with your coworker are a part of cloud computing technology. The exceptional cloud computing technology has many implementations but still, it is in its infant stage and it will take it a couple of years to finally become full-fledged technology.

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Along with affecting the life of businesses, cloud computing technology has also changed how businesses work and in the current technology-driven era, cloud computing has become an integral part of most of the businesses. Using traditional technology is keeping businesses astray and that’s why more and more businesses are looking for growing their business by using the modern-day technologies like cloud. So, in this blog post, we will be looking at some of the best uses of cloud computing for businesses and understand how SMEs are getting impeccable results from the use of cloud computing.

Big data analytics

One of the best uses of the leveraging cloud computing is big data analytics through which businesses are able to analyze large quantity of both structured and unstructured data and get important details, patterns and reports. Although all the businesses are now using the advantageous big data analytics for harnessing the benefits of extracting business value, retailers and suppliers are getting the best out of it. These businesses are extracting information from the buying pattern of consumers and using it for targeting their advertising and marketing campaign to a selected segment of the market. Even the social networking sites are now providing the basis of analytics on behavioral pattern that is being used by firms for obtaining meaningful information.


Among all the business operations, backing up data has always been a complicated, time consuming and costly operation. No matter what is the size of a business, backing up data is a headache for all. The traditional method of backing up data includes maintaining different hardware, backing up data regularly without missing even a single day, sending the hardware to backup locations safely but all this hassle is wiped out through the cloud computing platform as it is allowing an easy and effortless way to backup data, regardless of their size and industry. The cloud backup solution, not being a panacea, is surely a far cry from what it used to be.
The cloud backup is completely safe and hassle-free as you are able to automatically dispatch data to any corner of the world digitally.

Cloud hosting

This is another benefit derived from the exceptional cloud computing technology. Cloud hosting simply means shifting the desktop installed software to the cloud so that a business can reap the advantages of the cloud platform. For example, if a business is using desktop installed QuickBooks then it can choose a QuickBooks hosting provider and then shift the software in to a cloud hosted QuickBooks. You should know that earlier, cloud hosting was a very expensive solution since it required building an IT infrastructure and hiring an IT team for managing the IT infrastructure. But all this changed with the introduction of third party cloud hosting solution as they offered public and private cloud server on which small and mediums sized businesses can easily host their application without taking the burden of building an IT infrastructure or hiring IT team.

There are many advantages of the cloud hosting solution like global accessibility, high uptime, enhanced security, scalability, cost-effective hosting, multi-user access, round the clock customer support and automatic update.

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Disaster recovery

Building a disaster recovery system is paramount for any business but it’s not always as easy as it looks. You should know that there is always a risk of man-made and natural disaster hitting your business and that’s why you should have a disaster recovery plan in place so that you can resume your business as quickly as possible. The cloud disaster recovery system is the most effective disaster recovery system as on the cloud platform, the data is stored at different locations, so that in the worst case scenario, you can easily recover your data and wipe out the chances of complete data loss.

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Test and development

The best scenario for the use of cloud is test and development environment. Using cloud platform for app and development helps you in securing a budget, manpower, time and effort. The installation and configuration of your platform for test and development consume a lot of time and this stretches the deadline set for completing the project.
Through cloud computing, you get readily available environment for your needs at your fingertips. This platforms combines physical and virtualized resources and gives you the best of both worlds.
This list of cloud computing uses is not exhaustive but it certainly gives you an idea of how cloud computing is being used by business of different size and industry in the modern day era. Technological solutions like big data analytics and mobile computing are becoming popular among businesses and soon we will see other uses of the amazing cloud computing technology.

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