Improving collaboration, security, and uptime with cloud

A business is built on several pillars of efforts which all together help the organization to grow and get expected results from their effort. But among all the different aspects of a business, the three most important ones are collaboration, security, and uptime. Collaboration is necessary in a business in order to increase productivity, ease the workload and allow employees to perform at their best. If a business will not be able to have a collaborative system between his employees then it will be a far cry from what they expected their business to be.
Similarly, due to the increasing cyber-attacks and more small businesses being targeted, security becomes paramount for businesses of every size and industry. If a business will not have a proper security system then its data, application and website will become vulnerable to even the most common cyberattacks. In the current era, criminals are not looking at the size of business before targeting them and that’s why you can’t hide as a small business when these evil-minded people prepare their list of targets.

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Even uptime is very much necessary for any business as if business continuity will not be maintained then everything will go astray. Most of the businesses don’t realize the importance of high uptime and that’s why they are not able to identify what’s hampering their business.
But all these problems can be turned into an opportunity by using the robust cloud computing technology which is proving to a magic wand for small businesses. The amazing cloud computing technology is being used by businesses of all sizes and industry on a very large scale. Whether you are in the retail industry or pharmaceutical industry, you can’t survive the technology driven era and tough competition without cloud computing technology. But among all the benefits of cloud computing like global accessibility, cost-effectiveness, scalability, etc., the three most important advantages which are making small businesses to move further and harness the available technology are better collaboration, enhanced security and high uptime. So, in this blog post, we will be looking at how businesses are using cloud computing technology to enhance these three important pillars of an organization.


If a business will not be able to make their employees realize the power of collaboration and establish a system which promotes team-effort, then all the efforts of the organization will go astray. Many businesses understand the importance of collaboration but still, they are not able to build a system for better collaboration. The robust cloud computing technology can easily solve this problem and improve collaboration in your organization.
Businesses are now using solutions like cloud hosting and cloud storage in order to improve collaboration. One of the best examples of improved collaboration through cloud computing is QuickBooks hosting which is a cloud hosting solution. Most of the businesses are now moving their desktop applications to a hosted server and these servers are managed outsourced IT services, these IT providers are relying on very robust IT infrastructure which is very expensive and out of budget of small business. The hosted desktop applications offer SMBS a feature of multi-user access through which the admin can easily add multiple people on a single file or project and allow them to work together with real time updates. This multi-user access wipes out the need of keeping every employee under a single roof as even distant employees are able to access the hosted desktop QuickBooks from their location and work as a team. It also eliminates the need of sending data back and forth as everything is available on the cloud and all the users get real-time update of every change made on the file.

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Another good example of collaboration in cloud hosting is Google Drive in which multiple people can work on a single file and they all get real-time update to changes made on the file saved on Google Drive.


Those days are long gone when businesses used to save their document on their local hardware and felt ultra-safe regarding the security of their sensitive business data. Along with the evolution of technology, the criminals on the internet have also evolved and now they use latest technology and tactics to get their hands on your data, so keeping your data in your local hardware isn’t a safe option now. In such situations, where the number of cyberattacks are increasing every year, cloud computing can act as the best protector of your data as it comes intact with several security features. You should know that the amazing cloud computing technology is now the safest place for business to store their sensitive business data and even for the smartest criminals, it is pretty difficult to breach the cloud stored data.
There are various layers of security deployed on the cloud platform like double-factor authentication, encrypted messages, antivirus, antimalware and firewall protection. All these security layers work together to provide a bank-level security to your organization.


By the time most of the businesses realize that downtime is hampering their business they are in over their head. Downtime is like a cancer of business as it doesn’t damage the business instantly and builds up slowly and gradually to finally disrupt the functionality of the whole organization. Most of the businesses may be only facing a few minutes of downtime on a daily basis but if you will look at the bigger picture then even such a small scale downtime can kill your business.

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Cloud computing offers users high uptime as businesses are no more dependent upon their hardware system and in cloud computing options like cloud hosting, the cloud provider offers guaranteed 99.95% of high uptime. Such a high uptime means will you get only a few hours of downtime throughout the years.
Cloud computing is proving to be a savior, especially for small and medium sized businesses that are always on budget constraint and are restricted to using limited business solution. There are various forms of cloud being used by SMEs and in the future, we might see 100% of enterprise workload being shifted to the cloud computing platform.

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