What is business leadership and how to achieve it?

business leadership

For a few years now, the term “boss” has been losing steam. Companies, in their search for new talent, have put aside the traditional profile of “business manager” to look for a leader. Thus, business leadership emerges as a set of personal, technical and social skills that are combined to get the most out of the business.

The key is to get the maximum potential of the workers to satisfy the needs of the company. At this point, it is the leader who is responsible forimproving motivation among employeesand achieving a good climate for optimal work development.

In order to achieve this leadership, it is important to develop a series of skills and behaviors to be able tocontribute efficiently to the development of the company, the effort of your team and the need for improvement.

On the one hand, there is talk ofpersonal skillsthat have to do with the control and balance of emotions or “emotional intelligence”. Keep in mind that being in charge of a company involves surrounding yourself with competition and pressure, so it is important to know how to maintain your balance.

On the other hand, there aresocial skills, that is, the relationship with others, the formation of contact networks or the link with people and groups of interest to the company. It is important to have the ability to have a good relationship with all levels of the organization, from greeting whoever opens the door to knowing the name of all the people who work in your company. Simple actions that will maintain good relationships and a pleasant work environment.

Finally,technical skillsare also a key element. You can be emotionally intelligent and have the ability to create work networks, but without adequate technical support the business will not be able to get off the ground.

Characteristics of business leadership

One of the most important characteristics of a leader is to becharismatic, that is, to have the ability to attract and fascinate. The best thing about a leader with charisma is that he knows how to persuade and allows himself to win over the work team so that they get the best of themselves.

Another of the important traits of a leader is to besituational, that is, to be able to assess the scenario he is managing, analyze leadership needs and adapt his style to them.

Good leadership implies that the person who carries it out must have the ability totransform, to modify the scale of values ​​and the activities of their collaborators.

In addition, it is important that the person who leads isorganizedand knowshow to manage all the resourcesat his disposal, whether they are material, economic or human.

Being agood communicatoris another of the essential points in terms of management skills. Public speaking is key to being able to transmit everything that is necessary. In addition, if it is transmitted with enthusiasm, the people around you will receive the information in a positive way.

The leader must have the ability tobe creativeand topropose innovative solutionsto the challenges and risks that may arise.

Finally,humilityandhonestyare ethical values ​​for any person, but even more so for those who have to set an example.

Depending on the type of company, the values ​​or capabilities that are most important will be one or the other. However, what is really important is that the leadership is democratic, charismatic, cooperative and not based on fear. You have to know how to value employees and care about them as an important business asset.

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