CBSE Class 8 Maths Preparation Tips


It is very important to have crystal clear concepts in class 8 as these carry forward to higher classes. You can also find class 8 maths ncert solutions readily available on the internet to help you get good grades. There are several different ways that you can prepare for this grade, which we will list in this article.


The first and foremost thing to do is ensure that you have a good understanding of the subject. If you find that your foundation is not strong enough, you need to start working on it. You may not have been taught a certain topic well in lower grades resulting in a shaky foundation in the subject. Thus, it is vital that you figure out the pain points and put in extra effort to work on improving your understanding.


It would be best if you put a lot of practice into mastering any topic. Once you learn a concept, you must start solving questions based on the same. You can take the help of online worksheets and the textbook prescribed to you by the school. Start with solving simple questions. Once you are confident with those sums, you can gradually start increasing the level of difficulty.

Another important thing to remember is that as you solve problems, you will reach roadblocks. You might have doubts regarding your previous steps or what to do next. In such a situation, you must approach a teacher to have them cleared immediately. If you do not follow up, there is a high possibility that you might forget about the problem resulting in a learning gap. Hence, practice is the key to success.


Usually, when a lesson is taught using visual aids, students can assimilate it quickly. Hence, in case you are unsure of a concept, you can go online and find interesting videos on it to clear your doubts. The best part about such videos is that they provide extra information such as fun facts and history about the subject, which keeps you motivated to learn the concept. If you can associate a topic with visuals recalling it when required becomes an easy task. The graphics used to create such videos help you to visualize what is happening. For example, if you are studying a topic such as volumes, it becomes challenging to find the volume of complicated figures. In such a case, if you see a 3-dimensional shape while being explained what to do, it gives a fair idea of how to start solving similar problems.


The traditional school curriculum proves to be highly monotonous and mundane, and teachers tend to focus on getting good grades rather than clearing a child’s concepts. It is best to enlist the services of an excellent tutor to combat this problem. Cuemath is a fantastic online educational platform that ensures a student has fun while building a strong mathematical foundation. The math experts at Cuemath use resources such as online worksheets, puzzles, apps, etc., to deliver an effective and impactful lecture. Students are provided with enough flexibility to work at their own pace, making them confident in whatever topic they learn. Thus, if you want to provide quality education to your child at the best price, Cuemath is the place to go.


Grades are very important but gaining in-depth knowledge should be the goal of learning a subject. If you can master a topic, good scores are sure to follow. Hopefully, this article has given you an insight into how to prepare for the class, and I wish you all the best!

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