Check Out the Top Features of the Gionee P7 Max

Gionee P7 Max

Whenever we think about buying a smartphone, we have a certain image in mind. With most people, this thought is pre-set that’s why they gravitate towards a specific smartphone model.

If you’re in a similar situation and have decided to buy the Gionee P7 Max, then it is essential that you know about its features as well.

The phone is provided by a Chinese manufacturer, known for offering high-quality hardware. The Gionee portfolio is very elaborate, and it has smartphones of every price range. Most of the phones offered by the brand are rich in features and specifications.

Gionee smartphones come with stylish designs and a sturdy build. The same is the fact with Gionee P7 Max a little similar to Gionee A1 Lite. To know more about this particular mobile device, check out the points discussed in this post. They will help you make the most of your Gionee P7 Max features. Have a look:

  1. Camera

The Gionee P7 Max offers two cameras. One is situated in the front of the phone while the other is located on the rear side. The selfie camera is configured at 5-megapixels, whereas the rear camera is set at 13-megapixels. On the back side of the smartphone, you can also find an LED flash. It will make sure that your images are always bright and clear.

  1. Processor

Like many other budget smartphones, Gionee P7 Max also uses a MediaTek processor. The make of the processor is MT6595. However, the processor speed of this smartphone is extremely good. It is 2.2GHz Octa-Core, which can only be seen in premium devices. The high processor speed makes for much better performance. It can even support high-tech virtual games.

  1. RAM

The RAM size of a smartphone not only defines the multitasking capacity, but it also highlights the performance that you can expect. In Gionee P7 Max, there is 3GB RAM available. This RAM size is more than enough for a device of its category and price bracket. As of now, there are no other RAM alternatives available in the Gionee P7 Max smartphone.

  1. Internal storage

Whether you want to save media files on your smartphone or not, having a good amount of internal storage is always ideal. With the Gionee P7 Max model, you receive 32GB internal space. This storage option is even expandable up to 128GB. The phone can accommodate a microSD card for this purpose.

  1. Display

Any smartphone, whether high or low budget, is worthless till the time it has a good display. Two things can judge the quality of the smartphone screen or display. One is the screen size, and the other is its resolution. In Gionee P7 Max, you can expect a 5.5-inch screen. The resolution of the display, on the other hand, is 720 x 1080 pixels.

  1. Battery

Gionee P7 Max features an inbuilt battery. The capacity of the battery is 3100mAh, which is very powerful. The reason why you don’t get a removable battery in this smartphone is the long-lasting capacity. An inbuilt battery tends to stay charged for a long period. Also, they do not get damaged easily by overheating or overcharging. Thus, with your Gionee P7 Max, you would not need a replacement any time soon.

  1. Operating System

The overall performance and power of the Gionee P7 Max also lie in its Operating System. The phone is an Android device, which works on the 6.0 version. The skin of the software is configured with Amigo UI 3.2. There is no way to upgrade the Operating System in the current model.

  1. Network support

The phone was launched in the year 2016, and it does not support the current networks directly. However, to use 4G and 3G SIM cards, you can download the networks conversion application. It will make sure that your phone supports all the current networks and LTE configuration.

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