Creating the Most Optimized Amazon Product Listings

Amazon Product Listings 

Is there truly anything more convenient than online shopping? Consumers are given the freedom to browse countless products and compare them based on design features, price, and different product reviews. Pretty impressive considering you don’t even have to get off the couch to achieve this. Knowing this, the values associated with online shopping this past year become less surprising. In 2019, there were close to 2 billion people who purchased goods or services online, amassing a total of over $3.5 trillion dollars across the world.

When it comes to online shopping, few companies provide a better experience than Amazon. In fact, Amazon makes up nearly half of all sales made online. Each month, nearly 200 million people worldwide visit their website. Each of these users having access to over 12 million products, more than half of those being provided by third-party sellers.

If you were hoping to become one of those sellers, the good news is that listing your products on Amazon is not very challenging. However, considering the amount of the competition you are bound to face no matter what niche your product falls into, the product listing is not the first and last step to making money on Amazon. In order to effectively sell your products, you’ll need to be critical in designing your product listings. The more optimized your product listings are, the more likely they will attract customers looking to purchase products similar to yours.

How is listing optimization made possible? Amazon’s search algorithm, A9, determines what products are displayed to consumers based on their search criteria. However, this algorithm prioritizes listings that are most useful for Amazon’s customers. Elements such as how clear your product listing is from its title to its description and the images and videos provided with the listing are all considered in this algorithm.

As such, one of the most effective ways of optimizing your listing is carefully crafting the many different aspects of your listing. The elements mentioned above, as well as specific keywords, are great places to start. For more information on how to make your listings stand out on Amazon, check out the infographic below courtesy of Awesome Dynamic Tech Solutions.

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