Creative outlier one in Ear Headphones review

Creative outlier one in ear headphones review

Talking about in-ear headphones, they are the basic need of everybody. No matter if you are a gamer, a gym buddy or just an office guy. You will need them everywhere. It can be a good friend while going on a long journey or can be an effective motivator during the extensive workout, gym or running.

Today we are going to talk about Creative outlier one. They are in ear earbuds and we have put them to the test. They performed quite well and beyond expectations for the price tag of 30$.

In this review, we are going to talk about the design, audio, connectivity, portability, and durability of the earphones. Everything will be discussed in detail.


  • Great sound
  • Budget friendly
  • The battery life is excellent
  • Great bass performance
  • Shirt clip to help keep Earbuds secure


  • Slight boring design
  • Little bit uncomfortable in ear
  • Earbuds can start to loose during long runs


Talking about the design of the creative outlier one, they have a decent design but if you are looking for something extraordinary, stylish and interesting, you may have to keep looking.

Unlike the other models of the creative outlier, this model only comes in the black color. Most of the people go for the black color anyway but options are always nice to have. The material of the earphones is pure plastic, which is nice because it gives a clean look and they are lightweight which most of the sports person will prefer and you can call the best sports headphone in the market.

Down the right earpiece, there is an inline controller. It can be used to control the volume or pick and reject calls, change the track etc. It houses three buttons, one of the buttons is used for different purposes. You can pause or play the music while long press will turn off the earphone, simple tap will answer or reject the call. The other two button are for the volume up and down. The control buttons are very easy to use, it will just take a few minutes to under how to use them.

The inline controller also houses a microphone, which is a little bigger the traditional microphones on the air pods. But the creative outlier one has a shirt clip which support the weight of the microphone and it won’t annoy you with the constant falling.

On the inline controller there is port to charge the battery. The creative outlier comes with a dedicated cable for charging the battery but they lack the wall adaptor.

The earphone comes with a pouch, which can be used to put them away when they are not in use. Also it comes with extra pairs of silicon ear-tips, they help in the firm fitting of the earpiece in the ear. They comes in various sizes, you will need to take out few minutes to find the right size for your ear.


The design of the earphones are decent but are they comfortable enough to wear? For starters, They come in various sizes, so you will need to experiment with them for a while and find the perfect size but you will realize that the Earbuds are little bigger in size and you won’t be able to find the perfect and most comfortable size.

They are comfortable but not comfortable enough to listen to it for hours. It will make you a little uncomfortable when you wear them for a long time.


Well, the most important thing in the headphones is the sound quality. Thanks to the creative outlier one, they trade for a little more natural frequency response as compared to the heavy bassed Creative outlier black headphones. They sound pretty well.

I won’t say that they have a very light bass or lack bass. The bass is still heavy and pounding. They are not good as creative outlier black headphones but they still sound pretty good. I wish they have done a little more to the bass.

The mid-range of the earphones is good and warm for this price range of headphones. The high Mids are also good and crispy. The sound of the earphone is detailed and the soundstage is decent and pleasing to listen to it.


In addition to the music, the also has a feature to answer call or reject calls. The answering feature is respectable but they have poor noise cancellation and you will feel like someone is talking under water. Unfortunately the Inline controller is not good enough to work with Google assistant or siri. So you won’t be able to access them through Creative outlier one.

The Creative Outlier One are sweat resistant. The charging port is secured by a rubber flaps but you will need to make sure that the charging port is covered before exposing them to sweat or moisture.


The creative outlier one performance is excellent. It uses Bluetooth 4.1 technology for the connectivity. The connection is quite strong and can work for 10 meters. Going away for 10 meter it still provides good connection and the sound is seamless and there are no breaks or noise in the sound.

Talking about the battery of the Creative Outlier one, battery timing is quite decent. it last for about 9.5 hours, which is enough for a day or two. It you are a person who doesn’t have problem with charging their headphones every time when they are not in use. It’s more than enough for you.


The material of the earphones is of pure rubber. They are resistant and light weight. The material of Creative Outlier One sport headphones is quite resistant to bruises and breaking.

They are durable and the material is such that it won’t tangle if you put them in your pocket or throw in the backpack.

Bottom Line

Well, we have talked about the design, audio quality and performance of the creative outlier earphones. If you are looking for a sports earphone but have a budget of 30$, then Creative Outlier One sport earphones is the best option. They design may be a little boring but they sounds too well for this kind of price. Another best thing is the battery, It provides more than enough battery timing for 30$ earphones.

This the best option, if you are out of budget and want some motivation during heavy workouts or at the gym. They can be your best friends.

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