Have you finally opened an eCommerce website, but wondering what’s next? How do you invite people to your website? More importantly, how do you convert your visitors into buyers?

Check out these 14 pro digital marketing strategies that will make you stand out.

Define your Sales Cycle

A lot of your customer’s journey depends upon the kinds of product you’re offering, marketing platforms as well as competition. Defining your sales cycle and understanding how your customers move through your sales process is essential in devising future marketing plans.

Defining the sales cycle also makes it easier to select a platform and cuts your digital marketing budget by making the campaign focused.

Use lead generation quizzes on prospects

Getting personal information of clients at the top of the funnel can be a challenging procedure. You need to give your website visitors a valid and substantial reason to disclose more about themselves.

The best digital marketing company suggest using lead generation quizzes by asking subtle yet compelling questions to first-time visitors. You can then customize the results page on each option. Once you receive the email address or mobile number, it’s time for a personalized email and SMS campaign.

Focus on Empty Cart Page Copy

Ideally, your prospect would land on your eCommerce site, choose a category, browse and proceed to checkout. But every prospect’s journey may not be linear.

If the prospect meets a roadblock like a sold-out page, that can be an end to their journey. To retain such a customer, you should optimize your empty cart page with quirky and personalized suggestions. You can also add your best selling products to attract prospects.

Attract Buyers to Become Members

The key to retain customers doesn’t lie in letting them test the products. A good retention strategy is to hook them with a membership. To do this, you can add special membership discounts just below the original price of the product.

The best digital marketing company would ask you to offer free shipping and other such offers for premium members. Once you have sold a membership, your customers are likely to buy more items to maximize discounts.

Make the Promotional Email memorable

Promotional emails aren’t just about spreading information about new products or offers. It’s also your chance to provide lucrative offers and make prospects with purchasing intent feel special.

Sending calendar invite emails is an excellent way to stay on top of the buyer’s mind. You can add a .ics file to your email with the announcement to add a reminder for your sale. Your copy should be focused on exclusivity and gratefulness too.

Bring back forgotten wishlists

Remember the last time you added an item in your cart or wishlist but didn’t go on to buy them. It happens all the time with most of us; it had probably happened an hour ago for you.

And then you forget about it after a few days even when you get the money needed to buy the product. The wishlist is one thing that you can’t afford to let your consumer forget about—design wishlist reminders with compelling CTAs along with incentives or discounts for sales conversion.

Recommend products based on previous shopping sessions

Sending the same emails to everyone on your email list would hardly increase your customer base. It’s no use sending an email regarding discounts on a brassiere to a teenager who likes to game.

Instead, filter through their abandoned carts, wish lists, and ‘searched’ to recommend products based on their interests. Sending discount coupons on favoured items can increase your chances of conversion by multiple folds.

Search Engine Optimization

eCommerce SEO is easily the most affordable and organic means of attracting traffic to your site. And why would someone scroll down when you’re the first result for their search?

To do this, include keywords in the headers as well as descriptions. Also, look for dialect differences- are they looking for a smartphone instead of a mobile? You should make sure you have something for everyone there, even if the search word isn’t trendy.

Include reviews easily visible on the product pages

In the world of ecommerce SEO, hardly anyone buys a product without reading reviews. And more than the promotional blog reviews, it is the customer reviews that people trust.

You can use plugins from Shopify or WordPress to bring a user-friendly section for buyers to write reviews. You can also provide them the option to upload images of the products.

Content Marketing

You cannot restrict your marketing reach to people who search for the products you offer. Offering styling guides, hacks, tips, and tricks related to your products is also an effective way of bringing traffic to your website.

Linking your products to these articles and adding recommendations can increase your chances of making a sale to new customers. Websites like Myntra have been actively doing this with great success.

Social Media Marketing

Making your business visible on social media has now become mandatory. It not only increases your visibility as well as credibility but also introduces you to a host of untapped audience.

But social media marketing isn’t about just promoting your products. It focuses on relationship-building, allows you to solve customer queries, and use trending topics to increase your engagement. Brands have been actively hiring influencers as well as sharing memes related to trending topics to increase reach and engagement.

Influencer Marketing

One can’t stress enough about expanding one’s roots through micro-influencers. It’s a subtle way to tap onto a targeted audience that wasn’t previously aware of your brand. In a nutshell, the idea of an influence is what makes this strategy so influential.

People who follow an influencer want to look like them, use what they use and wear what they wear. So when your target audience’s favorite influencer wears your product, it will compel them to buy it for themselves too.

Make your Instagram Store

Instagram provides a visual platform that gives you a lot of liberty in terms of displaying your products. For instance, food businesses are actively sharing their unique recipes to lure customers into buying through Instagram.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a kind of search engine marketing where you bid for finding a place above the google search results of a specific keyword. While these results will mention that they are sponsored, it’s still a viable method to gain visibility.

These strategies require a level of expertise you can get by hiring the best digital marketing agency to take charge of the process and raise your eCommerce game.

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