What are the career options in advertising?

A bachelor’s degree in advertising makes for a strong foundation in the field of communication and marketing. The coursework is designed to give an in-depth understanding of subjects like business, consumer behaviour, copywriting, photography and media and also build up transferable skills like creativity, management, interpersonal and analytical skills. These expertise are highly useful for anyone who plans to be a part of the advertising field and make effective ad campaigns.

This medium helps a business to communicate with its customer base and showcase their products and services. Advertising gives a competitive edge to the business in the market and hence is a core part of the entire set up. Creative professionals who join this field have an important part to play in motivating customers to buy company products. Here are some interesting career options you can pursue after BA Advertising and Digital Marketing:

Client services manager-

The role of a client service manager is to act as a medium that connects the business with its customers. They are responsible for taking care of the client’s expectation and ensuring that it is met. A client service manager works to sort out problems and assist in the timely delivery of product or services. This also includes directing and supervising the entire process and taking feedback from customers.

Account Executives-

Career scope with B.A. advertising is vast and among the various job roles is that of account executive that offer continuous success and growth. Responsibilities on this job profile include finding leads, supporting clients, closing sales and making effective sales strategies. They have to be well versed with industry trends and ensure that the company is offering as per current market demands. Being able to multitask between handling various accounts is a must for account executive.


Being a copywriter is a creative job role that you can take if you have a degree in advertising. Their core responsibility is to brainstorm with the creative team and come up with catchy lines for websites, emails, landing pages, brochures, video scripts, headlines, scripts and more. A copywriter understands the brand image and the message that needs to be conveyed before putting it in a crisp and captivating format to capture customer attention

Art Director-

An art director plays a very important job role in an organisation as they are responsible for creating the overall visual style and design of a project.

They also oversee and direct other designers to develop specific artwork for various kinds of advertisements. They also determine the style or theme that has to be communicated to the customers through visual means.

Media Planner-

The media planner has a host of responsibilities that includes analysing data and coming up with designing strategies to improve advertising campaigns. They help clients reach out to target audience through suitable channels of media by assessing the impact of each media type. As part of their job role, they have to understand the objectives of the client and accordingly develop various media plans.

An undergraduate B.A degree in advertising inculcates qualities such as creativity, innovation, ability to work in tight deadlines, people skills and the right exposure to flourish in this industry.

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