5 disruptive technologies for the digital transformation of companies

digital transformation

Thedigital transformationin companies is essential given the advances and their insertion in the field of networks and the Internet, and even more so, in recent years. In addition, it is a crucial factor in the business strategy and work methodology.

There is no doubt that technology is the key point that is going to change and innovate our way of life and the way of managing companies and businesses.

Within the digital transformation,disruptive technologyoccupies a relevant and active role in its application, within the business environment. For this reason, it is a good time to improve your professional profile and direct it towards this important trend. In what way?Train with this Master in Digital Transformation and Innovation and become an expert in this field and in the disruptive technologies that accompany it.

Do you want to know more about disruptive technologies? Next, we tell you more details about this type of technology.

Disruptive Technology

Disruptive technology is that innovation created toimprove or replace analready consolidated process and/or technology. Through disruptive technologies, a change is opened, since they provide solutions with better characteristics and at the same time new possibilities.

Within a company, disruptive technology positively affects the waywork is managed and carried out.

Next, we mention5 disruptive technologiesthat are key in the present and future of companies. Take note!

Artificial intelligence

ArtificialIntelligenceis a very popular and widely discussed concept in technology and business circles. It is a type of technology focused ondesigningintelligentsystems capable of performing tasks that normally require human intelligence.

You probably think that it is a very futuristic idea, but if you look around you you will find artificial intelligence: Siri or Google Nest, among others.

Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality

Two technological trends already very present in society. Both technologies transform the physical world into a parallel world where you can interact, capable of making very immersive simulations.

The videogames and applications sector is beginning to be nurtured by these two technologies that mark the present and closest future of disruptive technologies.

Big data

Technology designed for thetreatment of large volumes of data,facilitating the analysis and study of important information capable of improving the business strategies of companies.

Today, Big Data technicians are qualified professionals highly demanded by companies to manage and collect information

Edge computing

One more step ofCloud technology(in the cloud). This technology allows data to be managed and stored as close as possible to the source where it originates.

This has drastically reduced latency periods, in addition to better bandwidth management.

3D printing

3D printing technology allows 3D models or parts to be built by superimposing layers. A technology that is perfectly suited to creating complex and bespoke items, making it ideal for prototyping.

Disruptive technologies are not the future but are part of the present we live in, and a good direction to direct our professional profile.

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