The Importance of Social Media in relation to e-Commerce online purchases

Social Media for Ecommerce

Social media sites have enormous potential with a large audience of users who relish the sites’ attributes as a part of their purchasing process. Marketers and business owners alike are excited about the emerging social revolution that is increasing their opportunities to grow online sales, reduce the cost of customer acquisition (COCA) and increase new customer retention.

The social media platform is expanding in ways that speak to businesses. Consumers are now able to connect, discuss, rate and discover products and services, make informed decisions like never before from the available reviews as well as buy online.

Recent statistics by Mulley Communications reveal that 71% of Facebook users spend a considerable time looking at advertisements on their profile pages while 31% look at advertisements on their news feed page. As a result, more forward looking businesses are already harnessing the social media sharing power to drive organic and social media traffic and sales, and acquainting consumers with their own brands and products.

The strong online presence achieved through the connective nature of online networking is paramount for all sizes of e-Commerce businesses and there’s no doubt that social media is worth the effort. The recent wave of social networks is genuinely creating new ways for entrepreneurs to connect with their potential consumers to get a lot more business for a lot less cost.

The Future of online business is social shopping and not having the Social Media giants like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube connected to your website is no longer an option. If done well, Social Media will make your potential customers to come looking for you in a way that will easily generate large numbers of visitors, many of whom will end up as repeat clients.

Social media is emerging as the most effective marketing tool for the eCommerce sites and its influence on the eCommerce industry cannot be overlooked. Promoting products and services on social media is a great way for marketers to build their brand recognition, create trust off their websites and drive consumers and sales tremendously.

For social media marketing to influence e-Commerce transactions significantly, marketers have to lure social media users with engaging tools and sharing features that allow fans to spread the word about them with ease.

Tools like ‘Share This’ and Add This Buttons on Facebook product pages is of great importance and have sharing analytics potential. This information is crucial in helping eCommerce companies to know exactly where their fans are sharing their products. Google Analytics is another tool that marketers can use for click tracking.

In addition, the Twitip tool on Twitter can also be used to track conversation on this platform. By understanding where their shared traffic is going and accepted, marketers can then be able to modify their site’s design by highlighting the most important features.

Finally, Social Media marketing is all about creating fresh content, sharing and being part of a like-minded community. Communication is of utmost importance in social media and eCommerce online businesses should narrow their wares to specific social media communities interested in their products and services. Focus on interacting with these communities by creating fresh and quality content to keep them coming for more. Remember, social media is all about quality and not quantity and so 100 interactive connections are more rewarding than 1000 one way connections.

Start managing your social media campaigns today and revel the power of social media!

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