10 Reasons Why You Should Include Facebook in Your Marketing Strategy

Facebook Marketing

Facebook became the social media giant for companies and advertisers to effectively market their products and services. A recentsurveyshows that its monthly active users already reached 2.91 billion this year, which is a significant 6.2% jump from the 2.74 billion users last 2021.

With the mixed excitement and doubts brought by the latest Metaverse announcement, you could be asking if Facebook could still be a vital part of yourmarketing strategy.

If that describes you, consider the following:

1.Facebook enables you to target your audience with precision.

When it comes to targeting, Facebook is unparalleled in its depth and variety. The freeAudienceInsights tool embedded into Facebook will enable you get into the nitty-gritty facts about potential clients. You can use it to look up information on topics such as:

· Age

· Language

· Gender

· Civil status

· Demographics (e.g income, education)

· Geography

· Interests

· Purchase history

With this tool, you can easily define your target audience, and by understanding the general demographics, you can then reach your audience more effectively. You can even create lookalike audiences using customer lists—Facebook will find more people in that same area with similar interests as the ones on your list.

2.The Facebook pixel allows you to retarget potential customers who visited your website but didn’t buy anything yet.

There are chances that when your customers visited your website or landing page for the first time, they won’t make a purchase immediately. For online stores, this could mean some abandoned carts. Hence, it’s your task to keep reminding them about your products or services. How can this be possible? Facebook Retargeting with the use of Facebook pixel!

The pixel is a piece of code added to your website which tracks how users interact with it. The more data the pixel collects, the better, targeted and effective your ads will be.

Facebook retargeting allows you to re-engage potential customers through your Instagram story, website, app, and Facebook video post as many times as you want until they convert. Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), in theirrecent survey found that 92% of marketersfound retargeting to perform the same as or better than search, email and display advertising.

3. Facebook is a great time saver.

Many companies and advertisers run a variety of their Facebook ads to the same audiences. If you’re like them, here’s the good news: you can use “saved audiences” feature. With the help of Facebook Ads Manager, you can save and access your most often used target audiences without having to construct them each time. This saved audiences feature means saved time as well.

Furthermore, you can also reuse your high-performing content on your next campaign. The idea is to run first an engagement campaign with a post. After gathering reactions and comments for that post, you will be ready to run it as a Facebook ad. In this way, the ad will be more effective than starting from scratch.

4.Through Facebook ads you can keep an eye on your competitor’s content.

By accessing Facebook ads library, you can check on the daily postings made by your competitors. Knowing their campaign type, visuals and copy, can help you in formulating your ownSocial Media Marketing strategy.

5.Facebook enables supplementary tools for marketing.

In addition to the Facebook platform itself,here are some business-friendly toolsthat you can use in yourmarketing campaign.

Facebook Messenger bot

Last February 2022, Meta reported that 987.7 Million potential audiences can be reached with ads on Messenger. However, research shows that customers want companies to reply instantaneously. So how can you connect and respond to customer messages more effectively? The chatbot is the answer. Bots, unlike people, may reply to client questions at any time of day or night without incurring additional costs. With 24/7 chat capabilities; your bot can instantly address client questions, removing the need for them to call your service team during office hours.

Facebook Business Manager

Do you have trouble managing multiple ad accounts? Or do you want to securely share your pages, ad accounts and assets on Facebook? If yes, then Facebook Business Manager greatly suits your needs. This tool allows you to securely manage your business’ ad accounts, pages, pixels and catalogues in one place. To add, this prevents confusion, overlaps and frustration for your team, which is commonly brought by sharing accounts.

6.Facebook supports strong cross-platform campaign strategy.

According toStatista, Meta had 3.59 billion users of at least one of the company’s core products, namely Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp each month.

This allows marketers to build solid campaign strategies across multiple platforms. It is another form of retargeting which results to better conversion. As said by the eMarketer, 3 out of 5 online audiences acknowledge ads they viewed from another page.

7.Facebook ads are really affordable.

If you’re looking for an advertising medium that’s very inexpensive, but is still effective at bringing in new customers, then Facebook ads are it. The cost per click on Facebook ads is generally a fraction of the cost per click on Google AdWords.

For instance, the average Cost Per Click (CPC) is about $0.35 globally—and they can get even cheaper too if you choose to only target your ad to users’ mobile devices instead of desktop users and/or both desktop and mobile device users.

8.Facebook ads give you more creative freedom to promote your business.

Facebook offers a wide range of paid advertising options, including photo ads, video ads, carousel ads, lead ads, canvas ads, slideshow ads and collection ads. In addition to being able to advertise on Facebook directly through its platform, you can also create Facebook Messenger Ads (including click-to-Messenger), Instagram Ads and Instant Experience Ads.

In short: Facebook is the ultimate playing field for creative marketers who want to design engaging digital experiences for their audience.

Another benefit of Facebook’s ad platform is that it enables you to set your budget so you only pay when people click your ad or take an action based on it. This means no getting charged for every thousand times your ad has been viewed (impressions).

Wrap Up

· Facebook is the most popular social media site. With its nearly 3 billion active users, you’re definitely missing out on a huge potential market for your business, if you’re not leveraging on Facebook ads.

· Facebook ads give you more creative freedom to promote your business than other ad platforms like Google AdWords. You can create an ad that tells a story about your brand rather than simply writing out a short message to sell a product or service.

· Facebook is an absolute time and budget saver. If you hafacebook marketing pictureve an established page on Facebook, all of the work has already been done for you—you just need to share content from there instead of creating new content from scratch for each social media platform you use. Also, the cost per click is at low-cost.

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