Features of Thunderstruck Wild Lightening

What Are the Features of Thunderstruck Wild Lightening?

Thunderstruck wild lightning has been the talk of the town of casinos since its launch nearly one and a half-decade ago. This is a single-player game and not played against any other player. You have to play and make your points to get your jackpot.

You have to start your bet and keep playing this 3D game, understanding the symbols over the reels to locate the highest jackpot. Quite amazingly, you can bag the highest of 15,000 times your initial bet with this high-end betting game. Let us dive into the key features of this game which are as follows:>

3D Visuals

Gone are the days of cards and roulette tables. This game features highly modernized graphics in the betting games. Thunderstruck wild lightening at Yukon casino is equipped with the latest version and has diverse visuals. Such visuals entice the audience and keep them hooked for hours upon end.

Visually, it offers very attractive gameplay to find the lost stones and get your betting prize. Different color patterns and stones make it visually appealing to gamblers.

Low Starting Bet

You do not have to be filthy rich to bet on this casino game. It is full of fun and entertainment, along with making extra bucks. You can start with a bet of as low as $0.20. Meanwhile, with the increase in your gaming level, your betting value will be multiplied.

Play through the levels of games, understanding the design. After that, you have to judge the possibility of finding the right gemstones and make your betting profit lightening high.

Big Payout

This is among those amazing casino games where you can expect a massive payout without the fear of loss. If you play with good instincts, you can get a maximum payout equal to 15,000 times your initial or starting bet.

Moreover, the second edition of this game features fixed increments. With a fixed increment, your profit is guaranteed at certain game stages. Therefore, it is the right choice from among the other casino games if you both want to have fun and make maximum money simultaneously.

Fixed Jackpots

The fixed jackpots of this game are its key features that ensure that the player gets the monetary advantage. There are three types of fixed jackpots in this game. The smallest one is a mini jackpot having an incremental amount equal to 25 times the initial bet.

Similarly, a minor jackpot is valued equivalent to 50 times the value of the starting bet. Finally, the major fixed jackpot offers 150 times the value of the initial betting amount. Hence, all these three fixed jackpots are a great booster to the player to increase their payout.

Mega Jackpot

The mega jackpot of this game is the ultimate goal of every player. This is the main attraction of this brilliant casino game. The mega jackpot will take your prize value sky-high. It is 15,000 times the total initial bet. Your chance of winning the mega jackpot bet increases as fast you fill the reels of this game.

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