Tips to Hire App Developer on Hourly or Monthly Basis

hiring an app developer

Businesses around the world are looking for professional mobile app development services with the latest digital surge in the industry. It’s time to create applications for the different products and services businesses are providing. It not only comes handy as it allows you to connect with the bigger range of audiences but also makes your business process a lot more simple and easy to understand whatever be the sector. This is the reason why the mobile application development industry is in such huge demand and there are millions of applications getting published in the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

Connect With The Users

Applications help users with a lot as they get to their products and services right in the mobile itself. You just need to download it and start using it for their respective requirements. But, making it easy to understand requires a lot of expertise and know-how. There is a lot going on behind the entire process of mobile application development services and this is the reason why businesses are always looking for an expert who can help them with it. So, if you are in the same line and are confused about how to connect with an app developer and how to get the charges fixed, you have surely landed yourself on the right page.

The scope of mobile application developers is quite significant in all corners of the planet. So, hiring a professional to help you with your development needs is certainly going to be a tough task because of the cost. It is important that you decide whether you need a freelancer to help you with your development needs or full-time per who can remain available as per your needs in your office premises. So, this shows, it is not easy to get connected to a reliable mobile app developer but, to make easy for you all you need to do is to follow the below-mentioned points:

  • At first, it is very important that you understand the application’s nature which you want to get it designed and developed for your company. If the application will be requiring a constant updates and changes then, you will surely needful timer who can help you with your regular updates. But, its application then the freelancer will just beat it enough to do the job for you.
  • You must also check with the expertise and understanding of the developers to check whether it is perfect enough to help you in the long run. The full-time custom application developers will be just perfect for you to assist you in the future as well while a freelancer is just perfect for a one-time opportunity.
  • Another issue which you must consider to deal with is the cost of the respective business app developer. When compared to full time, a freelancer will be charging a lot lesser and you need to decide according to your specific requirements.
  • You need to also consider the approach first when it comes to delivering the application development task. When it comes to connecting with a full-time developer, they will always help you with quick submission. With a freelancer, you will be getting your project completed according to the hours you are paying them for app development service.

Hopefully you are clear how full-time and freelance application developer will be coming into context for your needs of mobile app development. So, you must hire app developer keeping all these factors in mind and the respective decision is going to bring in more benefits in favor of your business.

Deciding The Cost Of A Developer

Whether you are hiring a full-time or freelancer, it is very important that you finalize the cost beforehand itself. But, it is important that you cover different aspects of the mobile application development process before and then decide the charges accordingly. When it comes to full-time employees, we will be charging your monthly basis where you will be paying the salary to them but when it comes to freelancers, they will be charging on an hourly basis. With freelancers, the time taken will come into play used for developing the respective application. And this makes most of the businesses go for a full-timer.


Hiring full-time employees, the company will be availing all the benefits of the respective person. But, hiring a professional mobile app developer will also cost your business its gym services, coffee, it’s a maintenance, unlimited leaves, and various other benefits. So, these costs are not taken into consideration for freelancers and it literally squares of the entire system again. Below mentioned some of the benefits which will be given to the full-time mobile application developer, take a look:

  • Annual bonus,
  • Medical insurance,
  • Life insurance,
  • Paid leaves,
  • Legal benefits,
  • Provident fund,
  • Employment training,
  • And more.

So, these are the benefits that will be taking a lot of money out of your pocket while connecting yourself to whether a full-time mobile app developer. This is the reason why many also consider to go for a freelancer who can help them with their application development needs it makes them believe that they will save a lot instead.

Indirect Costs

There are three types of indirect costs in the form of general, overhead, and administrative costs. If you are still confused about how indirect cost is going to be employable with the full-time employee then, charges which include cleaning of the different office supplies and tools related to the respective employee is going to be implied as well.


It becomes very important for the respective employee to understand the type of application needed and within what time this needs to be done. It makes it clear enough to what kind of application developer they will be required to cover the respective project as per the given specification. Keeping this in mind, business needs to hire Android developer or iPhone application developer for their respective needs and requirements. As a Startup company going for freelancers is just the right choice because it allows them to cover their initial application building phase without paying a lot and exclusively setting upper camp in the mobile world as well.


The full-time mobile application developer will be paid on a regular basis which can be either monthly or even fortnightly. But, when it comes to freelancers, they will be paid according to the time they have spent in the respective project of working upon a mobile application development. So, if a company is looking for someone who can help them for long term investing in a full-time application developer can prove to be beneficial.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully now your clear how you need to look for a professional mobile app developer for your project needs and requirements. So, when it comes to connecting yourself within the developer, it is important that you assess your project in detail and then make your decision. If you hire iPhone app developer, you need to be clear about your business and project needs and how it will save your business from any kind of loss.

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