Few Pros and Cons of Using Gate Valves

Gate Valves

You can find gate valves being used in most of the industries for controlling the flow of fluids. These valves are so designed that it can start, stop or able to regulate any straight-line stream of fluid and offers minimum amount of restriction in the flow as needed. There are number of manufacturers of gate valves who are coming out with new designs and specifications to improve its function in various industrial applications. It can offer both advantages as well as disadvantages so far as their functioning is concerned.

Gate valves are also kind of sanitary valves and following are few advantages while they are used.

  • Fluid resistance offered by gate valves is usually small as the channel media of the body is usually straight. Therefore, fluid flows through the valve and thus the direction of flow is not much affected.
  • While opening or closing of this valve it consumes very little amount of power and hence it is a very energy efficient alternative. The reason for this is the direction of movement is at 90 degrees angle to direction of flow. Therefore, if you compare this valve with globe valve it will save both energy and time.
  • These valves can give an unobstructed flow of media from any of the direction of valve body. Since, pressure does not get decreased and hence it becomes much suitable for the pipeline where there is change in flow of direction.
  • As compared to globe valves the overall structure length of this kind of gate valve is shorter. Here the valve clack aligns with the body of the valve and therefore the structure length remains much shorter from globe valves.
  • The functioning of seal is quite good.
  • Erosion of sealing surface is much lighter in comparison with globe valves.
  • Its body structure is fairly simple and its operation is also easier.

Now let us talk about few of disadvantages of gate valves

  • Its sealing surface can easily get damaged. There is a friction during off/on function and hence its life gets shortened. Maintenance is difficult in case any damage occurs.
  • On/off time is little more as fully opening and closing of valve takes quite some time. Also, it needs more space for its installation.
  • If you look at the total structure of this gate valve then you will find it to be bit complex. It has two sealing surfaces and their polishing and maintenance is little difficult.

However, the advantage that this valve is that it is suitable for many industrial applications.

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