Fun Ways to Gain Brand Recognition


No matter how catchy your logo is or how meaningful your message is, it won’t matter if your target audience isn’t aware of your brand. Building a successful brand requires both brand awareness and brand recognition. Building a brand starts by making your target audience aware of your brand’s existence. Building brand awareness focuses on getting your name out there so that your audience can start to engage with and learn about your brand’s offerings.

Brand recognitioncomes after building brand awareness. At the brand recognition stage, your target potential buyers are aware that your brand exists, but they aren’t ready to make a purchase. Brand recognition correlates with your connection to your audience. The more potential buyers engage with your brand, the more likely they are to make a purchase.

Organically maximize your social media presence.

An effective way to take your brand recognition to the next level is to focus on organic social media. Users want high-quality content that triggers a response and adds value. Social media is a great platform to engage with target shoppers who are willing to share your content with others. High-quality images are key to building an attractive product page for your online store. When it comes to taking the highest quality photos of your products, it helps to know the basics of taking product photos. You’ll need a professional camera, a tripod, the right angle, an appropriate background, white balance, and proper light.

The best way to take yourproduct photographyto the next level is to hire a professional photographer. The dedicated team of marketing and visual content creators at COLDEA Productions has years of experience specializing in video content, commercial photography, and animation. Whether you need to showcase a single product or overhaul your entire product page, investing in professional product photos is an effective way to give users engaging content that builds recognition.

Give away free things.

Giving away free things is an effective way to gain recognition and influence purchase decisions. Buyers want to know that your product is worth the cost. Whether this means giving away free products, offering a free subscription trial, or offering a discount code to use at checkout, allowing buyers to try something for less helps deepen recognition.

Rack up good reviews.

The best way for online shoppers to qualify for any type of product is to read customer reviews and testimonials. Hemp products, for example, have grown in popularity for their therapeutic health benefits. Choosing the highest quality CBD product requires buyers to understand the basics of cannabinoids. There are many quality products available from established CBD brands that can make a huge difference in the lives of users.

Bloom&Oil is a review site that provides an in-depth review of Medterra products. The well-known CBD brand offers uniquely formulated tinctures, gummies, capsules, topicals, oils, and pet CBD products. All hemp is sourced from U.S. farms and is certified under the U.S. Hemp Authority Program which sets high standards for quality, best practices, and more. Medterra’s CO2 extraction process preserves the nutrients of the hemp plant, and all CBD products undergo third-party testing to ensure efficacy, purity, and the safety of Medterra.

Buyers can choose the ideal CBD product based on efficacy, flavor, and intended result. New customers can take advantage of a Medterra coupon, special promo codes, and free shipping while enjoying memorable customer service. Beginners should always consult with their doctors before using CBD products to ensure there’s no risk for interactions with other medications or health conditions.

Guest blog on other sites.

Guest blog

It’s a good idea to run a blog on your website that contains high-quality content that’s relevant to your niche. A great way to organically spread brand recognition is to guest blog on other sites. Research blogs and publications related to your industry and pitch blog posts to them. Affiliating your brand with other well-established, authoritative brands is a great way to build recognition.

Building brand recognition requires an organic social media presence, enticing buyers with free products or discount codes, and affiliating your brand with other established, authoritative brands.

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