Global Business Communication: Technology to the Rescue

Global Business Communication

Digital technology is always racing ahead and the Internet has globalised the business arena, making it possible for the small business to trade in a global capacity. While the pace of digital development is frightening, there are still issues such as language; how do you talk to a Vietnamese business owner? The good news is there are global networks of qualified business translators that anyone can access and with more than 500 language pairs, you can talk business with other business owners without the normal obstacles you have with non-English speakers.

Linking you with Professional Translators

Check out the on-demand translation services at, a leading provider of many types of business translation. Everything you need to know is on their website and when you are ready, register for unlimited 24/7 access to professional business translation in real time. This company has literally hundreds of professionals on their books and they offer a wide range of translation services that include:

  • Real Time Translation with Video Conferencing – Simply set up your video meeting time, then login to the global translation service and book your translator; it really is that easy. If you think you will require an industry-specific translator, this can be provided and at no extra cost, which is great.
  • Seminar/Webinar Interpreting – If you are part of a multi-national video conference, all you need to do is book the real-time translator for the required language pair and if you need several, that is never an issue. The translator knows how to add themselves to the virtual meeting and would connect in advance to be ready to work when you need their services.
  • Video Subtitle & Audio Soundtrack – If you want to use your company into video in a foreign country, you can hire the global translation service to add wither subtitles or an audio soundtrack that can be added to the production. This service is compatible with any digital format and you can choose to have a specific local accent on your soundtrack, if this is required.
  • Printed Media – If you are looking to penetrate a foreign market, you will need printed media with accurate translation of your advertising message, while you might need to have a complex business report translated for your foreign partner. Certified translators ensure 100% accuracy, with industry related professionals and they always manage to meet their deadlines. Click here for tips on how technology can boost your business.
  • Proofreading Services – Regardless of the language, it is vital to proofread everything prior to publication or distribution and with the on-demand service, you simply upload the documents along with any briefing you deem necessary. Their pricing structure is great; the more you use them, the cheaper it becomes and having such powerful language translation services at your fingertips in a valuable asset to any business owner.

If you would like to learn more about global translation services, Google is your best friend and will hook you up with a premier provider of a range of on-demand translation services at affordable prices.

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