Guide to Repair a MP4 Digital Video

Ask any modern-day video enthusiast and you will get to know about the popularity of the MP4 video format. Due to its brilliant resolution and clear audio, MP4 is used as the global standard for storing music movies and videos. From filmmakers to YouTube bloggers, everyone around the globe uses mp4 format for making movies.

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In spite of being the most common digital multimedia format, the MP4 files are not immune to problems. Error messages popping up on the screen while playing an MP4 video are not rare. The good news is that though it is not prone to corruption, you can undoubtedly repair MP4 files.

Before getting into how to fix corrupted video files mp4, let’s see what are the common causes of corruption.

What brings corruption in MP4 files?

  • Faulty downloads

If the internet connectivity is lost while you are downloading a video, the file can end up getting corrupted. Always download video files on a fast and secure internet connection.

  • Broken header

If the header of your video is damaged, there is no chance that your video will play. In order to fix corrupted MP4 with a broken header, you might have to use a MP4 repairing tool.

  • Unexpected Power loss

If your computer device shuts down abruptly due to a power failure while the video files are still being played or transferred, there is a high chance of the data getting corrupted. Keeping a battery backup is a good habit in order to prevent such a situation.

  • Compression issues

When a video file is compressed using some unreliable compression tools, some parts of the video may get lost. This will turn the entire file corrupt.

  • Unreliable downloads

If you are downloading a file through uncertain internet sources, it may not play. Refrain from downloading files from doubtful sites. You may incidentally download a malware into your device as well.

  • Malware threat

There are several types of computer viruses. Where some may encrypt your files, others may simply damage them. This is why it is crucial to keep your antivirus software up-to-date.

  • Incompatible formats

There are many substandard file format converters available in the market and unfortunately, not all of them work. Some may convert your file into an incompatible format that won’t play. You must always use a popular file converter which is sure to convert MP4 files.

  • Improper ejection of devices and memory cards

You must always eject cords and memory cards only after the transfer is completed and none of the files are open on your computer. If the devices are not ejected properly, you may find yourself repairing MP4 files later.

  • Reading and writing errors

While editing a file, if the internal architecture of the file is not maintained, it may get corrupt. This may happen as a result of incomplete or unsuitable reading and writing operations.

Repair corrupted MP4 videos using a specialized digital video repair tool

There is nothing quite as distressing as getting your favorite videos corrupted. Even professionals face this issue. Imagine covering a whole event only to end up with more than half of it corrupted. How big a disaster would it be!

Thanks to the MP4 repair tools available in the market, fixing them is no longer a nightmare. However, the problem is that not all tools out there work as good as they claim. Most of them won’t be able to fix corrupt MP4 files. At times you will find that the quality of your videos has depleted, or the audio and video are not in sync.

Wondershare Video Repair is the ultimate solution to repair corrupt MP4 files and is available both for both Mac and Windows. This digital repair tool provides a secure environment for MP4 fix. It is capable of restoring all the corruption issues such as broken headers, missing frames, and sound damages. Wondershare Video Repair also provides an ‘advanced repair’ option for heavily damaged videos.

Repairing MP4 files using freeware

1.MP4 Video Repair using VLC

This is perhaps the easiest way to fix MP4 files free of cost. VLC media player has an automated repairing system for fixing corrupted video files with a .AVI extension. The best thing is that VLC also allows converting MP4 files to .AVI format. You don’t need to look for a separate converter. Just set the preference to ‘always fix’, play the corrupt file and your work is done.

2.Repair MP4 file by Replicating it

You can replicate your corrupt video file to gain accessibility. You just need to copy your MP4 to some other format and try playing it. This is again an extremely simple solution that works most of the time.


Where repairing corrupt videos is definitely possible, it is best to exercise some caution and try to avoid issues. For instance, you must not shoot videos if your camera or phone has a low battery. The recording may get corrupted.

Taking care of your storage device is also important. If ant file of your hard disk is faulty, the stored MP4 might not play. When it comes to tools for converting, compressing or even video repairing, do not take the risk of opting for the unreliable ones.

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