Soul Anime – 15 Best Soul Anime Alternatives to Watch Anime for Free

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15 Best Soul Anime Alternatives to Watch Anime for Free

Soul Anime is a free website that streams major anime titles. I love the fact that this platform comes with a super-sized collection if the latest Anime series and episodes.

Most of its collections are subbed and dubbed for easy tracking of the movie if it is done in a different language. Some of the best titles you will find on Soul Anime include One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, Fairytale, among others.

In case you have trouble accessing Soul Anime, for whatever reason, you need to have a backup plan. That is why we rounded up some alternatives sites for you here. Check out the following Soul Anime alternative sites.

Top 15 Sites like Soul Anime to watch English dubbed anime online for free

1. KissAnime

KissAnime is probably the most popular and robust platform for streaming anime movies. Because it is free, you won’t have to pay for any video on this platform.

In addition to streaming, users are also capable of downloading and watching their favourite anime. It has a very beautiful user interface that makes access to the various categories very easy.

I love the fact that users can access the content they want with no need to sign up or even create an account. There are no many ads, therefore, your viewing experience will be fantastic.

KissAnime has a very active community forum where users can get updates about the latest anime movies and series.

Key Features of KissAnime:

  • You can choose to sign up or watch your favorite anime movies without sign up.
  • Wide collection of anime movies
  • Active community forum

2. Crunchyroll

One of the most popular anime sites that you can find on the internet. Here, you can stream all the content that you want. All of their anime series are organized in a very extensive range of anime of different genres.

All of these are legal. If you do want to watch some of the anime that are not found in the free area, this means that you need to purchase a premium version so that you can enjoy the anime. There are also subtitles in the anime.

The premium version comes with more features; it offers an even wide variety of anime movies. The user interface is intuitive and simple. This makes the site very navigable. Crunchyroll has a wide collection of the latest anime serials. The homepage has filter tools and a search tab for even faster access to the contents onsite.

I love the fact that this platform has a very active community forum. Here you will find insights and updates about what is trending on the platform.

The free plan has some ads while the premium platform guaranteed an ad-free viewing. If you want to experience anime movie watching at a new level, we recommend Crunchyroll.

Key Features of Cruncyroll:

  • Has organized anime categories.
  • Full of different genres.
  • Has premium as well as free plans.
  • Wide collection of anime movies and serials


This website grants you access to tons of anime content. This is certain to keep you entertained enough for a good amount of time. There is also a continuous update if this website so there will be new content every now and then. The video quality that it has is very good too.

You have the option of streaming online or downloading and watching offline. This platform has a very attractive and intuitive user interface. This makes it very navigable.

Finding your favorites on this platform is easy. There are the search tab and a couple of other filter tools to help with this. It is a free platform.

As such, all the anime movies on this platform are free of charge. There may be a couple of ads, but that is normal. After all, they are not so much as to interfere with your viewing experience.

In order to join the platform, you only need to create an account for free. That done, you should be able to access all the anime movies on this platform.

Key Features of

  • Supports the following video qualities: 240p, 720p HD and 1080p.
  • It will let you pick your server to stream on.
  • Has a friendly
  • Wide collection of the latest anime episodes.

4. Animelab

It features the hot anime shows and it also is ranked as one of the topmost visited websites the same as Soul Anime. Here, you can also find quality videos.

This website though is restricted to some countries, namely New Zealand and Australia. But even if so, you can still check on some other websites, if this doesn’t work for you. It has lots of great content that you will surely love and check for more.

Key Features of Animelab:

  • Supports different anime video qualities
  • Have access to HD quality anime series.
  • Easy to navigate the platform.

5. AnimeFreak

If you are a freak in watching anime, then go and check this website. It has everything that an anime freak would look for.

It is a very strong platform and it has more to offer than a normal streaming website. It will let you watch quality anime videos absolutely for free. There are also dubbed and subbed versions available for every anime that is released on the website.

Key Features of AnimeFreak:

  • There are lots of genres found on the website.
  • Very simple and easy to use.
  • Browse by genre feature available here.

6. Narutoget

Form the name it is easy to assume that Narutoget is dedicated to those who love Naruto contents. In truth, however, this is one of the best anime sites. It has a very big collection of anime content that will certainly keep you fulfilled and stuffed all along.

Not just that, it has a community too that you can communicate with. It has subbed and dubbed versions for free. And for Naruto fans, special Naruto Shippuden contents are here too!

Key Features of Narutoget:

  • Stream or download any content you want for free.
  • Anyone can access this website wherever you are in the world.


It is really a master when it comes to those anime series out there. It has almost all of the features that you are looking for in Soul Anime. All that you need to do more is to sign up for an account so that you will have unlimited access to purely high-quality videos. You can just easily search for all of it on this platform. Very simple and easy.

Key Features of

  • The platform is very simple and easy to get.
  • You can know how long the video was on the platform.

8. Good Anime

It might not be as popular as those famous anime websites out there but this one serves the similar features as Soul Anime has.

It has shown its own good potential that would probably sustain it for the coming years.

It also had pretty good attention from the anime lovers out there from all over the world.

Key Features of Good Anime:

  • A very good intuitive interface.
  • Website videos load with incredible speed.
  • Has lots of videos to enjoy, even if you have fewer

9. AnimeShow

A very fantastic alternative for Soul Anime, for sure. You will find some really good quality anime right here on this website. Not just that, videos are regularly updated on this platform almost every hour.

There are even English subtitles available on this website. The platform is very quick and easy to navigate around. Just make sure you know the anime that you are looking for so you will easily find it in the place.

Key Features of AnimeShow:

  • There are lots of exciting anime found on this website.
  • The website is updated regularly every
  • Has a very good design in terms of interface.

10. AnimeTake

This one is one of the websites that will somehow make you feel like you have forgotten about Soul Anime.

This one is one of the most impressive anime websites that you can find out there. It has videos that run in different formats, namely the 360p to the 720p range.

It also features new videos uploaded every week and it has those subbed and dubbed versions on which you can get easily because the page is simple to understand.

Key Features of AnimeTake:

  • The interface is simple and it is not hard to navigate.
  • You can search for the videos in alphabetical order.
  • There are different anime genres for you to enjoy.

11. Aniwatcher

This anime website does bring the downloading and streaming of anime to a whole new level. The platform has a very good collection of those exciting anime series that will keep you coming back for lots and lots of anime.

Also, this website does not require you to have any kind of registration so that you can view all of its content. You just have to search for it and then download it right away.

Key Features of Aniwatcher:

  • You can talk and chat with other members and anime love of Anilinkz.
  • Trending episodes are routinely updated onsite.
  • Large collection of the latest anime series

12. Animeland

An incredible anime platform that will definitely make your love for anime grow and grow even more. This website has lots of quality anime series that you are in dire need for.

This includes those that are very popular and has only been released recently on national TV. The contents that are available in this platform is also very much impressive of its kind.

Key Features of Animeland:

  • They are very organized in this website.
  • It has English dubbed anime contents.
  • Very easy to navigate and straightforward.

13. Chia-Anime

This website is almost similar to Soul Anime at almost every level. This one is just free to use and it has lots of anime videos and shows in its database in every genre that you can think of.

If you are a fan of the anime soundtrack, they also offer access to the different anime soundtracks out there. There are also other entertaining content that you can find on this website that is related to anime.

Key Features of Chia-Anime:

  • Too many advertisements.
  • The website is in order.
  • Contents are uploaded regularly.

14. AnimeNova

One of the best places that anime lovers would love to visit and surely have fun. You will find so many anime movies, series and exciting dramas around this website.

One thing that will make this website stand out from the rest of the websites is that it is not just showing all anime movies on the website. If you will look further, there are also manga, cartoons and dubbed anime here too.

Key Features of AnimeNova:

  • You can read comics on this website.
  • There are lots of ads in the interface.

15. Anime Frenzy

This is another anime platform that has an interface that is quite like Soul Anime. Anime Frenzy has a wide collection of the latest anime movies, all classified into categories.

It has English dubbed anime movies along with other varieties. Joining this platform is fairly easy. All that you need to do is create an account by simply signing up.

And because the contents are free of charge, you can expect a couple of ads during your streaming experience. I also like the fact that it comes with an active community forum.

Here you will find invaluable insights about the latest anime updates and many more.

Key Features of Anime Frenzy:

  • Very user-friendly platform.
  • Anime subtitles are here too.
  • Fast streaming service.
  • Watch western movies if you like.


Those are all good anime websites out there that is almost as similar Soul Anime is. You can find lots and lots of them online, watch anime, stream them or download them, all depends on your choice.

Some of those websites found in the list are offering services that are not found in Soul Anime, which is great! We hope that reading this list will make you love anime more and save its culture. What are you waiting for, go check on those links and watch anime now!

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