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Pain is probably humans’ worst nightmare. They discomfort felt, sleepless nights and overall unpleasurable sensation is something you want to avoid. For this reason, we are offering houston spine and rehab services in the Houston area. We believe in putting the patient at the forefront of our minds. For this reason, we count with certified and experienced professionals in the field. Some of the objectives we have for you as our patient is to get rid or reduce your pain, improve your wellness, and increase your strength. When possible, a non-surgical approach is always better than a surgical one in this regard.

Treatments for Spine and Rehab Conditions

We offer different treatment options for our patients. Each case should be assessed individually and according to the intensity, frequency and the location of the pain, one or more of those treatments are selected.

These are possible treatments for spine and rehab-related conditions:

Chiropractic Care

This approach focuses on non-surgical approaches for treating common forms of pain such as lower back, leg, arm, and neck pain. Adjustments are made in order to improve these conditions. Other conditions related to spine health that can be treated with chiropractic care are pain related to pregnancy, continued pain after surgery, disc hernias, and spinal stenosis.

Manipulation and Adjustments

These are used to make minor movements on the spine’s vertebrae. Vertebrates can get misaligned such as day-to-day activities and accidents. When this happens, it can have a negative impact on the nervous and muscular systems. If you want to perform 100% at what you do, you should have all of your vertebrae in their proper place. In this procedure, a chiropractor will adjust them by using his own force or an instrument. This process is quick, effective, and relatively painless.

Massage Therapy

There are different types of massage when it comes to spine and rehab. Sports massage has as its purpose to increase flexibility and injury prevention, especially those related to exercise performed during sport activity. Rehabilitative massage is also offered. With it you will be able to restore the whole range of motion as well as improve your injuries. Some examples are myofascial release, active release, and neuromuscular therapy.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation

When the body needs to heal from health conditions, this is a good option to consider. When there are muscle spasms, soft electrical currents are sent to those spots. Endorphins, the “ feel good hormones” are released when the muscles are subjected to this stimuli.


With the help of soft compresses applied directly on the skin, areas are numbed. This has a pain relief effect as well as constriction of blood vessels. They are useful for muscles spasms and soft tissue damages

Other Types of Therapy (such as therapeutic exercise, spinal decompression, and kinesiology taping among others).

If you want to get to know about the spine and rehab services we provide, feel free to check out our website. There you will find information about our staff and the different treatment options available for you.

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