How Artificial Intelligence Can Be Used To Prevent Crime?

Artificial Intelligence is gradually becoming an esteemed technology. Some way or the other it is lending a helping hand to boost the competence of human being. Artificial Intelligence is being implemented by various organizations for matters related to development and research. At the same time it can also be used by Law Enforcement Agencies to prevent crime, detain criminals, and maintain the security of the nation. It can be even help in saving the lives of law enforcers or officers.

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The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

The technology of AI has become such that it can predict and identify people with criminal intent. AI uses available data with advanced computers to draw presumptions regarding crime and criminal. Various algorithms are put into use to ease human efforts to check crimes. AI thus can help to implement law effectively to a greater extent. Artificial Intelligence will be a greater factor to influence how prevention of crime takes shape in days to come. The law enforcers can gain immensely from AI tools but they should be able to understand how sophisticated such tools should be. It is quite important to consider that crime preventing tools of AI must have the ability to raise an alarm on the threats of crime. They need to provide the precise information on how to tackle the threats which would contribute in crime prevention. LEAs must be able to choose the AI solution that would suit them and further fulfill their needs.

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With time AI has been carving a niche in crime related matters. Many AI enthusiasts are doing research and development to incorporate it in criminal law. They want AI to play a supporting role in criminal investigation. AI also helps in defense technology to prevent crimes. It could enhance the approach on how law enforcers maintain the law and provide safety for the public. One of the main challenges of the LEAs is to prevent criminals from creating crime. Apprehending the criminals won’t just solve the problem. To meet this complex challenge, Artificial Intelligence can be used by LEAs. AI needs the assistance of Big Data and Machine Learning to predict as well as prevent crime up to an advanced level. Data collected from numerous sources are analyzed and then predictions are summed up.

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The Competence of AI

Artificial Intelligence has the capacity to analyze hefty amount of past criminal records to forecast possible criminal acts. The AI experts use algorithms to analyze huge volumes of data sets. These algorithms perform analysis which helps in forming decisions. It is also a way to find out the span of time till the next criminal act occurs. AI can also used to verify elders or senior citizens who can be easy target for criminals. The AI’s algorithm helps in detecting not only the criminal but also the victim. AI can guide law enforcers on different processes of criminal investigation. AI would sound an alert instantly when any routine slip-up is committed by any officer. AI would put forward information related to persons arrested, about their way of crimes and the offences they committed.

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Surveillance cameras are one of the prominent sources of collecting data. This device captures images and videos of various activities including those of law breakers. When surveillance cameras are equipped with AI, they can detect faces. This is the process of Facial Recognition, which helps to detain criminals and prevent crime, even when they are about to occur. Surveillance cameras are also helpful to locate any suspicious anomaly in a place swarming with human presence, like a left out luggage or so.


The use of AI to prevent crime is basically entering a phase of assessment. Steadily we will come to know the actual potential and its functionality. In the days to come preventing crime and detaining a criminal will be very much influenced by Artificial Intelligence. The tools of AI that would put together the data and analyze it will also be influencing.

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