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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of boosting the quality and quantity of website traffic through organic search engine results. This is different from running a paid advertisement for your site to get featured on the first page of search results. Instead, you create your site’s content based on what web users want to consume. When they go to the search engines to look up specific information, your site appears among the top results, thus driving traffic to your website. (1)

With this in mind, here’s how SEO is beneficial to your painting business:

  • Builds credibility

We are an online society. People shop online more than a billion times every day. Statistics also indicate that 48% of consumers globally get inspiration for purchases by browsing the internet. Your painting business is no exception to this, and your potential customers are very likely to be searching for painting services online. If your brand appears at the top of these search results, then people will be far more likely to visit your site and enquire about your services. It’s this credibility at being at the top of the search engine results pages that influences so many clients to do business with you. (2)

Credibility and trustworthiness are essential if leads are to feel confident in approaching you to do business. Specialist painting contractor software, such as this one from Jobber can assist you with this and help you with the following tasks:

  • Estimating jobs: how you estimate your painting jobs has a direct correlation to how much profit you will make. Ensure you follow best practice when putting your estimates together to ensure your pricing works for both you and your customers.
  • Quoting for jobs and scheduling appointments.
  • Drafting invoices.
  • Organizing client information and facilitating communications.

Overall, business management software like this has the effect of making you come across as more professional and organized, which is attractive if you are selecting a company to paint your home or commercial premises.

  • Saves marketing expenses

Search engine optimization is far cheaper than other marketing strategies, such as paid search. A report by Forbes suggests that paid search may not in a lot of cases be worth the investment. The cost of each conversion can end up being significantly higher. (3)

But, by applying SEO tactics to your website, you can start to appear among the top search results without having to make a huge investment. You save even more money if you’re able to generate and publish engaging content yourself. What’s more, SEO is far more longer lasting than paid search. For pay-per-click ads, your campaign stops as soon as your budgeted money is depleted. But with SEO, your site can continue ranking highly for as long as you maintain it. This way, you get more leads for your painting business over a longer period.

  • Sends the right kind of traffic your way

Search engine optimization done in the right way helps send qualified organic traffic to your website. These are users who are already interested in finding painting services in your targeted region or area. By targeting high-quality leads, you stand a much better chance of converting them into customers. (4)

Design your landing pages with enticing calls to action. Additionally, ensure that your site’s SEO content is as helpful as possible to the readers. If they find you worthwhile, they’ll have no excuse but to order your services.

  • Perfect way to reach your local market

Search engine optimization enables you to actively target those people in and around your area of operation. For instance, if you operate in Lower Manhattan, you could focus on long-tail geo-targeting keywords such as “best painters lower Manhattan” or “painting services lower Manhattan.” This is typically what web users search for when looking for such services in a particular area. It’s easy for your site to rank highly with such keywords because of the fewer number of painting companies operating in your locality.

  • Increases brand exposure and awareness

Some web users may not really intend to hire a painter. They might simply be looking for general information, such as “essential painting tools and equipment.” If your site has content along these lines, and the web users access your site to read the articles, they’ll know about your business. By and by, the world will learn about your existence. Should those users want painting services later on, they’ll easily recall your brand and search for you. The result is increased sales volume year in, year out. (5)


The need for SEO in your painting business can never be overemphasized. Don’t resort to paid searches alone. Search engine optimization can be likened to a well and PPC ads to city water. Although it takes time and energy to initially dig a well, water flows in consistently for years. For city water, you get connected instantly, but you must always pay to get water to your tap. The moment you stop paying, you get disconnected.

Therefore, start the SEO journey for your painting business now. Be patient with it. With time, you’ll observe heightened traffic to your site. Ultimately, you’ll be happy that you made the decision to go the SEO way.


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