How to Be a Freelancer with a Full-Time Job



Having a full-time job but still want to earn some more? Choose freelancing. Freelancing is a job where people outsource the work they can’t do and pay you for the skills and time you invest in getting the job done. You can do it along with your full-time job in your leisure time and make some quick money. There are many jobs available like content writing, social media marketing, web designing, photography, accounting and so on.

Many well-paid job employees also freelancing just to learn and keep polishing their skills in their free time. As long as your primary job doesn’t get affected, you are more than good to go. Just create your own freelance website to present your skills and portfolio to future clients. Check website builder tools to choose which type of portfolio website is better to use.

Then arises the question of how to start freelancing online? Here is a detailed answer to all your doubts and queries

  • How to start freelancing on the side

Being a freelancer is not rocket science, just a few simple and easy steps to follow. Start freelancing business as a beginner as a side business and then pursue it even full time.

  1. Clear your Goals: To start a freelancing startup, the first step is to clear your mind and goals. It is crucial to identify a strong reason and motive behind your plan of action. Whether you are doing it for money or eventually converting into a full-time freelancer or anything else. All of this will depend on the targets you want to achieve.
  2. Choose a suitable skill: Choosing a skill can be a little trickier. You should choose a niche to work in wisely, considering your knowledge and which skill is more profitable. Maintaining a balance between the two is quite essential.
  3. Determine your target clients and set pricing: Target clients are those you will work for. Identifying the right clients is essential for you to get more frequent and better work. Study the price that other freelancers of your field are charging and set your prices according to the market rates and the level of skill you possess.
  4. Present yourself with a unique portfolio website: Build a website showcasing your profile will all the details. There are many sources available that have made the process of creating websites easy.
  5. Showcase all your strengths: Present your strengths and experience in the field and tell people that you will be the best option for them to choose. Self-marketing is necessary to get more work, and it builds the trust of clients.
  6. Learn how to convert new clients: You must know how to handle the clients impressively. You will require communication skills to attract more clients. A strategic proposal will be more appealing for your clients, providing better work opportunities.
  • What Freelance Work Can I Start?

There are endless options for you to start working as a freelancer and the market is really huge. If you have a skill, they have a job for you. But here are some most popular and in-demand freelancing jobs.

  • Content writing: If you have writing skills with a bit of a creative mind, your demand as a freelancer will be very high. You will have to write for blogs, magazines, and other publications. You can make easy and fast money through content writing.
  • Editing jobs: If you know how to proofread then edit them in a better way, you have a huge scope of getting jobs as a freelancer. You can even attend free workshops to sharpen your skill.
  • Web developer: You can design websites on platforms like Duda, Boxmode or Gator and have detailed knowledge about the field. Many e-commerce platforms and even more people are eager to start the e-commerce business, resulting in an enormous scope for your skill as a freelancer.
  • Online tutoring: Online teaching jobs are also increasing these days as people want to learn everything online at a nominal price.
  • Social Media Manager: The scope for a social media manager is also commendable as it is a less known job and the skill is a very precious one.
  • Best Tools That Can Help You in Freelance Business

There are several tools that can help you work in freelancing. These tools provide the help you do your work quickly and sharpening your skills. There are tools for building websites, promotion tools, finding clients, digital marketing tools, and more. If you’re a beginner, then you should try using the tools mentioned below as starters.

  • Mailchimp: A very easy and helpful tool to Bring your audience data, marketing channels, and insights
  • Asana: The best tool to organize and achieve your goals in a strategic way by keeping track on all activities easily.
  • UpWork: Create an account with Upwork to find more work and right clients with just a few clicks.
  • Wix: The best tool available online to build your own website and diversify your profile at very nominal pricing.
  • If you follow these steps and seriously want to freelance, you are more than ready to jump into the market.

Even If you’re thinking of being a full-time freelancer, it is better to start off as a side job and analyze the process practically.

All being said, as long as your primary job doesn’t get affected and you can have free time in your schedule, you should do it. It is no harm to convert it into something productive that can even change your life in a way you never imagined.

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