How to choose your gaming computer?

Do you like to play? U.S. too! What’s better than the holiday season to please you with a good computer gamer? That’s why, we propose you a small file on the main characteristics to study to find the product which will be suitable for your needs. We also offer a small comparative advantages / disadvantages between the computer gaming station and the laptop. You will finally discover our TOP 3 gaming computers of the moment.

Which components should be favored?

Acquiring a PC gamer is one thing … But how to differentiate its features and capabilities from a conventional computer? In this article, we will list some components to analyze before any purchase: It could be useful for your long journey in search of the computer of your dreams, and will certainly help you to decrypt a gamer language, in the end, not so complicated!

A good processor, you choose

A good processor, you choose

Today, the most recent gaming computers are mostly equipped with Inter Core i5 or i7 processors with large memory capacity, for example up to 32 GB on Alienware and Asus. For the uninitiated, say that the processor is used to perform the various tasks that are asked to the computer and the more it has “hearts” and memory, the better it is and therefore fast. This is the first point to compare before embarking on the purchase of a PC gamer, since the processor is the basis of any computer.

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          Goodbye hard drive, hello SDD!

Goodbye hard drive, hello SDD!

To do things correctly, do not neglect the SSD: You may acquire the best in terms of graphics card and processor, it will be useless if your hard drive does not exploit the best of their abilities … The hard drives are evolving very few years since the new technologies are sure to surprise us: Less expensive than a SSD, it will still be less fast and less impact-resistant than a SSD, and the performance is not optional for gaming computers.   Prefer to put the price in a reliable and efficient component: Hard drives find their uses for many other needs! (such as editing videos that requires a  lot of writing)

        Do not forget the graphics card (3D)! 

Do not forget the graphics card (3D)! 

Unlike hard disks, 3D cards are constantly evolving and adapting to the demands and needs of increasingly demanding. 3D cards is THE point that has often been criticized for laptops in relation to computers: Their delay was often considerable, but today it is all excused since the new models of gaming laptop propose a power almost equivalent to that of their older brothers much more impressive in terms of ergonomics thanks to the release of AMD Radeon R9, Nvidia GeForce GTX 800M and GTX 900M, among others.

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And also !

Having power and good resolution is good, but having the right tools to play optimally is better! Do not neglect the “ancillary” products such as the keyboard, the mouse, the headphones, the screen, etc.
Brands such as Razer and Logitech are increasingly specializing in gaming hardware with an emphasis on responsiveness, comfort, feel, functionality, but also very aesthetic finishes such as backlighting and futuristic design. The finish of the screen, preferably matte in this area, will also play a lot on the comfort of the player on the short and long term.

Gamer from a desktop PC or from a laptop?

We will not make long speeches but just a small summary table with the advantages / disadvantages of the PC for the game and those of the laptop, it’s a gift:

– Convenient: Mobile and compact
– Requires only one power outlet  – Modification of components
– Easier performance
– Better quality / price per piece
– No possibility of evolution / change of components
– Generally less powerful
– Lifetime lower  – Requires a dedicated space
– Power consumption + important

Our 3 Laptops Portables of the moment! A laptop cooling pad can help to reduce the operating temperature of a gaming laptop. These pads are used when a laptop is not able to cool itself sufficiently. Choose your Top Laptop Cooling Pads 2019 for Gaming.

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Most Popular: Asus ROG G751JY G-Sync (G751JY-T7378H)

Most Popular: Asus ROG G751JY G-Sync (G751JY-T7378H)

No need to present the Asus ROG (abbreviation of Republic of Gamers) who have nothing to prove with their value for money largely justified and red and black design undeniably attractive. Its price range? Between 800 € and 2500 € depending on capacity, enough to delight the needs of all gamers.

The “most economic”: Lenovo Y50-70 (20378)


Below the 1000 € mark, the Chinese brand Lenovo is doing gaming with its new “little”: Equipped with a Core i5 duo processor and an SSD, it will make all your games run smoothly. Small flat on his rather bad ventilation that could cause some quick overheating, but at a price like it does not hold him especially rigor.

The most imposing: MSI GT80 Titan (2QE-008FR)

The most imposing: MSI GT80 Titan (2QE-008FR)

MSI sponsors the biggest gamers, so it’s not surprising to have to pay around 3500 € (just that) to own the Titan – which is also very well named with its 5kgs and 18.4-inch screen.
Our little TOP 3 is obviously given in a non-exhaustive way. We hope that the advice given will allow you to find the rare pearl



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