Torrentz 2 was launched after the original was closed voluntarily in the year 2016. It is a stand-in for the original website. It is a meta-search engine and also a multi search. This essentially means that it searches other search engines for the results.

The original company, Torrentz was a Finland based meta search engine which was founded in July 24, 2003. It indexes torrents from different major torrent websites and then offers a compilation of various trackers per torrent. It thus became the second most popular torrent website in the year 2012. Torrentz dissolved on August 5, 2006 and developed as torrentz 2.


The user interface of Torrentz is quite simple and users did not need to register before searching for a file. In order to perform a search one simply needs to type a string of keywords in the search field which Is also auto-complete enabled. A list of matching torrent files are then displayed from where the user can make their choice. The list can be filtered according to the age as well as safety and quality. The Torrentz 2 is meta-search directed engine, thus it redirects the users to other torrent websites for the downloading of the required content.

Torrentz 2 is a clone and a successor of Torrentz and is a more powerful torrent meta-search engine which combines search results from dozens of torrent sites. Torrentz 2 is not related to the original torrent and maintains a position that it is a new and improved version. The growth of the site shows that it is widely accepted as an alternative to the former site.

What are torrent files and bit torrent protocol?

Bit torrent is such a protocol which helps its users to download large files without having the issue of large band widths. Torrent files on the other hand are small files which contain information regarding the method of downloading the larger files using the bit torrent protocol. The bit torrent employs the use of more than one server for the process of downloading of a file on the computer.

Being one of the most powerful website for downloading of movies, games and files for free, Torrentz 2 is becoming more and more popular each day. The users can use magnet links by clicking on the magnet link which is mentioned in the right side of the results in torrent. In order for it to work, the user needs to have an application such as bit torrent, utorrent or any other such application. The loading of files may sometimes take a long time but this happens very rarely due to high traffic. At such times the server becomes slow to handle the request making the entire process a bit slower for the users. Torrentz 2 gives the best and highest quality results and thus it takes a few days for a new movie or game to appear on their website. The users are requested to wait for a few days before an update is made about the uploading of new movies, files and latest games.

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