How to determine how much internet speed you need?

internet speed

About 2 billion people have access internet for their daily chores. During the global pandemic, the use of the internet increased drastically when distance learning and working remotely became the new normal. Consumers in different parts of the world are enjoying different internet speeds and bandwidth.

The speed of your internet connection largely depends on your package and how much you are willing to pay. Though, some internet servers or connections could be challenging but knowing what you want fixes a lot of problems before they even take place. However, you always have an option to upgrade your plan but it is better to order the right thing at first to avoid any kind of disruption and affecting anyone’s productivity.

Here, in this article, we shall discuss the good internet speed that every user decides according to its needs. This will help you determine how much you and your household need speed so you can find the most appropriate deal that suits your budget as well. So, without any further delay, let’s get started!

Mbps you need per device for common internet activities!

Internet UseMinimum speedRecommended
Video calls (conference)2 Mbps10 Mbps
Emailing1 Mbps1 Mbps
Social media3 Mbps10 Mbps
Streaming videos in HD5 Mbps10 Mbps
Streaming videos in SD3 Mbps5 Mbps
Streaming videos in 4K25 Mbps35 Mbps
One-on-one video calls1 Mbps5 Mbps
Online gaming3–6 Mbps25 Mbps
Browsing3 Mbps5 Mbps
Streaming online music1 Mbps1 Mbps

What is the required internet speed?

The users evaluate the internet speed through the time it takes for downloading and uploading HD videos. The ideal internet speed is 30 Mbps for downloading content from browsers, according to experts. But the uploading speed should be minimally 4 Mbps, which is an ideal internet speed. The internet speed of 30 Mbps is ideal for most consumers, with which they can enjoy watching videos on Amazon, YouTube, and Netflix. You should check CenturyLink’s internet speed for that matter!

What do you mean by high-speed internet?

The standards of internet speed are variable for the consumers based on their unique needs and where they live. It largely depends on the type of their internet available in their region. Internet consumers may consider the internet services of their region high speed and that depends on the ISPs available there. According to FCC (Federal Communications Commission), the internet speed of 30 Mbps is ideal for consumers all over the world. The speed of residential internet never exceeds up to 100 Mbps but some high-tech organizations, consider it as an ordinary speed of the internet. For instance, the NASA office in the USA operates all of its tasks at 9 Gbps, which is the fastest among all the internet services in the world.

What type of internet do you want?

There are a variety of packages that offer different bandwidths and speeds of the internet. The bandwidth of the internet largely depends upon the type of browsing. If users are interested in live video streaming of Netflix, they require high bandwidth of the internet. Gaming lovers also desire high-speed internet for online gaming.

Comparison of Bandwidth with Speed

Some users intermingled both terms, bandwidth, and speed of the internet with each other but, the reality is quite different. Bandwidth means the strength of signals of your internet connection. It is just like the paths of service availability and speed deals with the efficiency of the internet for browsing. So, it is clear that bandwidth is distinguishable from the speed of the internet.

How many users can use a similar connection?

The types of devices on a single internet connection may influence the internet speed and its efficiency. In the case of residential internet, you have the facility to connect as many as six devices at a time.

Final Thoughts

In the aforementioned discussion, we have covered everything that you need to determine how much internet speed you would need. Furthermore, we have shared some facts, stats, recommendations and have answered frequently asked questions that can become a concern if you overlook them.

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