What can LinkedIn bring to your company?


Linkedinis the main social network for creatingprofessional ties and generating business. It helps the company to find us more easily and favors the creation of a professional image. For companies it is an ideal tool because:

  • Improve and increase our visibility.
  • It helps us generate business and allows us to increase collaborations.
  • It allows us to find talent.
  • We can position ourselves as experts within our sector.

Develop Marketing actions and increase your visibility

  • You can improve the positioning of it in search engines. The profiles in this professional network are usually in the first results of Google.
    • On the other hand, if a user enters the name of the company in the LinkedIn search engine and it does not appear, the brand image that it can convey is not positive.
    • Employees can become perfect brand ambassadors.

Generate new possibilities for collaboration and business with other companies

We can create synergies with other companies and even support each other in certain actions / collaborations.

Find talent and develop selection processes

One of the most interesting tools on Linkedin is the publication of job offers. Linkedin will show your job advertisement only to those candidates who meet the established requirements. With this, the search for talents in the network becomes faster and more effective.

Provide industry information

It enables companies to position themselves as an expert in an environment where the public is open to hearing what you are saying. Any company can become a benchmark in its sector through Linkedin, but this requires daily dedication and quality content. This professional network will reward you if you provide quality content. Another option is to start discussions in Linkedin groups (with topics that add value to professionals in the sector).

If we understand the need to be on Linkedin, the content we publish is of great importance within the strategy to be followed.

Recommendations on Linkedin communication content:

  1. Post unique and corporatecontent. More corporate information can be published on Linkedin because precisely those are the content that people who decide to follow a company demand.
  2. Postlinks. Sharing the new posts on the corporate blog or linking to the different sections of the company website (who we are, job portal, etc.) will help followers keep up to date with company updates. Links can also be published to current news, interesting studies in the sector … to position the company as a benchmark in the sector.
  3. Useaudiovisualcontent , as they generate interest and will help spread the publications.
  4. Constantactivity. It is not enough to have the page, it requires constant activity. If not, companies or clients will not see your true value.
  5. Enhance theconversation. It is a social media strategy that works on social networks, asking questions or asking users to rate the brand’s products and services, participating in groups and talking with your contacts. Remember thatnetworks are social.
  6. Encourage employeeparticipation. As we have discussed, employees should be the first brand ambassadors. With this, the corporate message would be distributed among the members of each employee’s network, achieving a considered reach. Employees, as brand ambassadors, will give the company credibility and the image of an innovative company.
  7. Be receptive. You should always respond to comments and questions posed by followers. Also appreciate the interaction of users with the brand.
  8. Analyzethe publications.

For these aspects and many more, you should not miss the opportunity to communicate both with companies in the same sector, as well as your current and potential clients.

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