How to optimize your content to be relevant

How to optimize your content to be relevant

Before creating any content you have to analyze who the content that you are going to generate is directed to.

You have to create a brand to help you communicate effectively with that target audience, there you will define what type of language your brand will use to approach your audience.

With that defending using questions that they may have in your favor to generate content, but not just any content, this content has to be of value, useful. There are several tools that can be used to analyze this, these are free. I will not put any payment.

  1. Google Auto Complete.
  2. that free visual keyword research & content ideas tool
  3. Ubersuggest’s Free Keyword Tool, Generate More Suggestions

Once you have created the list of content that you are going to generate, I recommend that you create a publication calendar to order your content and have better control over it.

Start optimizing your content in a simple way with the voice that you gave your brand speaks to your target audience.


One of the first points to take into account before optimizing your content is to stop and generate a title that captures the attention of your readers, there are several recommendations.

I leave you this article

The meta description.

Although the meta description will not help you get more readers or retention directly, it will help you raise your CTR (Click Through Rate).

The content

Make your content easy to read, simple, concise, and accurate. Give the user what he asks, but have a good introduction so that he is able to intrigue and consume all the content.

Remember to layout it for SEO, the H, alt text, anchor text, etc …

Conclude in a simple way, and have me analyzed what he has consumed, and take the opportunity to buy you if it has served him.

Remember if this publication has served you, share why this helps me to continue generating more content that will help you.

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