Is Mobile Technology the Key to Growing India’s Football Market?

India’s Football Market

Across the globe, various industries have enjoyed unprecedented levels of success following a widespread embrace of mobile technology. Irrespective of whether they aid internal operations or are central in consumer interactivity, smartphone developments are now at the forefront of various markets. However, for those who are yet to accept the rise of digitalization, there’s a risk of falling behind.

Crucially, this is the position that India’s football sector currently finds itself in. At the time of writing, the sport is nowhere near as popular as cricket within the country. That said, mobile-orientated operations, such as football betting, could help to bring balance to India’s sports industry. So, let’s take a look at whether mobile technology is the key to growing football in the South Asian country.

The Role of Sports Betting

According to figures from Yogonet, the global sports betting market is forecast to beworth $155.49 billion by 2024. By comparison, the sector was valued at $104.31 billion in 2017, which showcases a significant predicted increase. Interestingly, football is at the heart of the sector’s modern-day growth. As per, the sport recorded a handlegrowth of 93.8 percentin July 2020, which followed the European football market registering a record worth of around $29.5 billion.

From this, it’s clear to see that global revenue figures – particularly in Europe – are benefiting from the availability of sports betting platforms. As such, there’s no reason why smartphone betting can’t be the catalyst behind similar levels of growth within India. A report by details that the Indian Soccer League recorded a 51 percent increase in viewership in 2019-20 compared to the previous campaign. However, based on the above information about the impact of betting on global sports progression, few can argue that enhancing the availability of mobile-friendly approaches to sporting interactivity wouldn’t further enhance the ISL’s spectator figures.

Mobile Advancements are Central to Various Indian Entertainment Streams

In the future, it wouldn’t be surprising to see additional football-related mobile platforms come to the forefront in India. A prime example of smartphone technology enhancing the country’s sporting appeal can be found in the Dream11 IPL. As per, the fantasy sports company experienced a 44.4 percent user surgeduring the opening game of the 2020 Indian Premier League. Furthermore, the use of mobile technology surrounding the cricket tournament undoubtedly played a role in extending the competition’s appeal, as the 13th edition of the IPL enjoyed a 15 percent increase in viewership.

Furthermore, online casinos are another example of the advantageous nature of smartphones from a market progression standpoint. Across an array of promotion-offering websites listed at Casino Wings, prospective mobile players canchoose from a huge libraryof games, as well as immersing themselves in football betting markets at platforms such as ComeOn!. Because of the new-found accessibility of casino gaming, it has become the latest phenomenon among Indian gamers. As such, this is indicative of the potential impact that mobile-orientated, interactive developments could have on the country’s footballing scene.

Interactivity Looks to be the Key

Ultimately, there can be no doubt that India’s football market would benefit from a refined focus on mobile-friendly betting and fantasy platforms. Although such developments wouldn’t see the sport level the popularity of cricket, it would undoubtedly aid in unlocking the South Asian country’s football potential.

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