How to pitch your business idea to investors to get money

How to pitch your business idea to investors to get money

Hardly someone who has a business idea has the money to make their business project a reality.

Even if you have it, it is always advisable to look for investors who put the money, part or all for the project and thus be able to reduce the risks of any new project.

Investors are always looking for new business ideas, business opportunities in which they see a possible return for their money and that is why I always say that money can never be a problem if your business idea is good since it always there will be someone who will want to put the money to earn more money.

Knowing how to sell your business idea to investors is therefore essential. Here are some tips that may be useful to you:

1. Check your numbers carefully . An investor will never let you pass that you make mistakes when calculating your financial projections. Double check the numbers since an error would leave a very bad impression on you.

2. If you are going to use a Power Point, make it as simple as possible. Have you seen the presentations of Steve Jobs of Apple? I recommend that you see one so you can appreciate how he uses slides in his presentations, each slide only has 2 or 3 items no more. Do not make the mistake of making a Power Point full of information that is not read.

Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, is the quintessential example of how to make this type of presentation and from his presentations many other companies have even copied their way of dressing.

3. Always look at your potential investors. Never turn your back on them and try to focus their attention on your presentation by avoiding sustained stares at men since this is understood as a sign of aggression, something different if there are women in your audience.

4. Remember that your objective is to demonstrate the profitability of your business idea. Investors are going to put their money if they see that they are going to be able to get an adequate return and that is why you should never lose sight of the fact that this is your central objective.

5. Think like your investor and solve your doubts in advance. Do not expect them to ask you, you already know in advance what the usual questions from investors will be when you present your business idea, so explain them in your presentation.

6. Every business has risks and investors know it, tell them. No business can be infallible and 100% profitable, there will always be risks and that must be said in your presentation knowing how you have calculated that eventuality and how you are going to take care of your investors’ money. Put it obviously positive but do not ignore them.

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