How to sell by WhatsApp and be successful in the digital world

sell by WhatsApp

If you are looking for how to sell on WhatsApp and be successful, you have come to the right article. It is no surprise to anyone that brands have gone deep into the digital world in order to get the most out of it in order toincrease their sales. But in this case we will see specificallyhow to sell by WhatsApp.

WhatsApp launched its APIfor companies in 2018 with the aim of finding a solution for better communication between companies and their customers. WhatsApp Business has improved customer service and increased user loyalty. For this reason, brands have begun to use that version to be able to sell via WhatsApp, among other things.

So, if you are looking to implementstrategies that help you boost your sales, you should start being part of the companies that sell through WhatsApp. In addition, selling by WhatsApp brings you too many benefits, among them, that the costs are very low and thecommunication is instantaneous.

So, continue reading to find out why you should sell on WhatsApp, what are the steps to follow, how to do it, and some tips that will undoubtedly be useful when you use this app for your sales.

Why sell by WhatsApp?

Selling through WhatsApp can give you manyadvantages over your competition, and now more than ever this is super necessary, as there are more and more new companies that are fighting to gain their place in the market.Managing digital strategiesis one of the best options to increase sales and WhatsApp is the right app.

low costs

Selling through WhatsApp is practically free and that is one of the great reasons to start using the platform as a sales channel.It does not require much investmentand the content you send can be in various formats without having to pay extra costs to send an image, a video or a gif.


One of the greatest advantages that you can have selling on WhatsApp is its great reach, because it is the most popular app in the world with millions of users, itscoverage is global.

Most people check their WhatsApp several times a day, so they are always aware of the messages that arrive, so theywill be alert to your messagesaccordingly .


Something that can bother customers too much is that they make them wait, which would not happen when selling via WhatsApp.

WhatsApp messages are much more direct, which makes interactions with customers much faster, this causes users to prefer businesses that offer them this instantaneity.


WhatsApp, since 2016, offers end-to-end encryption, which is a system that ensures privacy for customers by guaranteeing that only users who communicate can read the messages. In this way, when selling via WhatsApp, confidentiality is guaranteed, and it also offers youspam-free communication.

To sell through WhatsApp, people have to know that you have a business number, that way they will start contacting you through this means.

brand loyalty

Another great advantage of selling through WhatsApp is that you createloyalty towards your brand, as it is the ideal platform to send personalized messages to your customers. In addition, thanks to its instantaneity and confidentiality, itimproves customer service, which makes users feel attached to your company, preferring it over others.

User segmentation

With the help of anomnichannel platform, selling on WhatsApp gives you the option to segment users, which gives you the opportunity to send specific messages that add value and are of interest to customers. You can even create broadcast groups to which to send messages according to your marketing campaign, which works wondersto increase sales.

WhatsApp can be a tool that makes things easier for you when it comes to increasing your sales, the great benefits offered by selling on WhatsApp are essential to be able to differentiate yourself from your competition and be ableto retain your customers.

How to sell by WhatsApp?

Knowing how to sell on WhatsApp and being successful is of the utmost importance tobe able to improve your sales in the digital world, in addition, the platform is easy to use and that adds qualities to it. Customers are always looking for fast and satisfying communication with brands, and WhatsApp gives you just that. So, here I tell you in 9 steps:

Get an exclusive number for your company

The first step to be able to sell by WhatsApp is to obtain an exclusive number for your company, this is of the utmost importance, since you will not want to mix your personal messages with those related to your business. Not having a number only for your brand can cause problems, because the messages can be confused and that would ruin your brand image.

Get the WhatsApp Business API

As I mentioned at the beginning,the WhatsApp Business APIwas exclusively created with the intention of improving communication between customers and brands. For this reason, in order to be able to sell through WhatsApp, you need to start using this commercial version, which has free registration and since it is made especially for commerce, its implementation is important.

Save your customer numbers

Before starting to sell with theWhatsApp Business API,it is very important that you start saving your customer’s contacts, that way, when you are running a WhatsApp campaign it will be much easier for you to know who to send the messages to. It will even help you to create distribution lists, with which the communication process will be simplified.

Broadcast Ready Weapons

The distribution lists will help you a lot when it comes to selling on WhatsApp, because they will allow you to group a certain number of clients and when you apply a marketing campaign on the platform you will be able to choose the distribution list that is appropriate to the characteristics of your campaign so that it is much more effective and better received among customers.

Link your WhatsApp with other platforms

Connecting your WhatsApp number to your Facebook and Instagram profiles will help you sell on WhatsApp sooner than expected. To do this, use anomnichannel platformthat allows you to link all your digital channels in one place.

Disseminate your company number

In order to sell through WhatsApp, people have to know that you have a business number, that way they will start contacting you through this means. To make your contact known to the public, you can add your contact to your website and even make a small campaign where your number stands out.

Making the path easier for customers is something that can work very well for you to sell by WhatsApp, using links that direct to the contact of your business fulfills that function. Because, people may find it tedious to have to write down the complete number to just be able to communicate with your brand, when using the linkthey will only have to click on it and that‘s it .

Send quality content that interests

When selling on WhatsApp it is important that the content you send is of quality and above all that it is interesting for your customers. Users may block your contact if they consider it spam or simply because they are not interested in receiving it, therefore, you must ensure that the messages you sendcontain relevant information.

Lean on audiovisual resources

One advantage of selling on WhatsApp is that you can accompany your messages with multimedia material, which is very persuasive when your goal is to get people interested in your products or services. Relying on audiovisual resources is always a good option to enrich your communication with clients.

These steps can help you a lot so that you join the companies that sell through WhatsApp, this platform is the one for communication with your customers to be agile and effective, which influencesbrand recall.

Also, remember to follow all the points, as they are very important and effective to know how to sell on WhatsApp and be successful.

Tips to sell by WhatsApp

Although I have already taught you the steps you must follow to be able to start selling on WhatsApp, now I will give you the best tips so that you can become a kingpin in WhatsApp sales. So, in this part of the blog we will see some tips to make a big impact when selling on WhatsApp.

Exclusive promotions on WhatsApp

Get the most out of the app and use all possible tools, send messages to your customers about promotions through your broadcast lists and close the sale through the app, always remember to try to accompany these messages with audiovisual content. Another option when selling on WhatsApp is to use your WhatsApp statuses to post flash promotions.

Don’t try to sell all the time

If you try to sell through WhatsApp all the time, customers will start to get overwhelmed, because they will feel that you are only talking to them to buy your products or services. Now, I am not saying that you start a friendly conversation, but that you alsosend them valuable contentthat is related to your company, thus indirectly encouraging them to be interested in what you sell.

Create a product catalog

Creating a product catalog on WhatsApp is very useful to give visibility to your product, in addition, it makes it easier for you to send information to each client. When selling through WhatsApp with a catalog you can add information about the product, such as the name, a description and add images. So when a customer wants to see your products on WhatsApp, they will only have to view your catalog.

You must be a retailer and when selling on WhatsApp, only send content that is related to your brand.

Do not submit inappropriate content

Customers hate when companies send them content that does not add them, I mean that you send messages that have nothing to do with your business or your products. You must be critical and when selling on WhatsApp only send content that is related to your brand, otherwise users mayreport it as spam or even blockyou .

Use QR codes

Intrigue is one of the strategies that works best, because it generates interest and you can use it as a tactic when selling on WhatsApp. With the number of your company you can generate a link and convert that link to a QR code so that people can scan it, you can place it in your online and offline advertising pieces, they will still end up being directed to your WhatsApp.

Don’t create groups

Something that can bother people is that their privacy is invaded, so it is better that when selling on WhatsAppyou do not create groups. Users don’t feel comfortable being forced to interact with strangers, so if they’ve given you their number so you can message them, don’t share it with others.

Provide after-sales service

A very common mistake that companies make is that they forget about after-sales service, the user experience does not simply end with the purchase. Therefore, you must continue to maintain communication with customers after the sale is made, in order to know if they are satisfied or if they have any questions, this makes peoplebuy with your brand again.

In addition, this attention can be provided by WhatsApp so that in the future they can communicate with you through the platform to purchase a product or service from you. In this way, selling by WhatsApp would happen organically.

As you can see, all the tips are of great help when selling on WhatsApp, because they not only tell you the things you can do, but also tell you what mistakes you should not make. Start applying these tips so that your WhatsApp sales go from strength to strength.

To great evils, great WhatsApp sales!Selling through WhatsApp can be of great importance toexpand your businessin the digital world, in addition, it has great benefits that will help you improve your purchase process.

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