WhatsApp Multiagent: How it works and its importance for companies

WhatsApp Multiagent

If you want to know everything about WhatsApp Multiagent then you have come at the right time. Since we prepared a complete video on how to use this functionality. But before you start, it is important thatyou get the WhatsApp API.

Remember that the API, within its various benefits, offers businesses the possibility of obtaining WhatsApp Multiagent. In this way,the WhatsApp of your business will not depend on a single device to connect, but rather each agent will be able to enter autonomously and from any device at the same time.

For this, you alsoneed an omnichannel softwarethat helps you acquire the API in the shortest possible time. In this way, the implementation within your business will be much faster and you will be able to offer quality service in the shortest possible time.

Functions you can do with WhatsApp Multiagent

Its very name says so! With this function,different agents can simultaneously attend to the conversations that arrive atyour business’s WhatsApp from different devices. In addition,with the support of an omnichannel platform, you will be able to assign the chats to the most qualified agents or depending on their workload.

Another function that you can do with WhatsApp Multiagent is that the conversations that are generated are placed in a single queue, so each agent can select which conversation they want to attend. Also a supervisor or administrator can be the one who transfers the conversations.

Finally, you can also do smart routing. That is,create a queue that accumulates chats so that it finally sends the conversations to the agents with the greatest availability.

How to get WhatsApp Multiagent?

The multi-agent featurecan only be obtained through the official WhatsApp Business API.And for this, your business must have 3 important elements:

  1. Have a Facebook page for your business.
  2. Have a Facebook Business Manager account that is connected to your Facebook page.
  3. Have a website of your own business.

Once you have these 3 main steps, you will have to wait for Facebook’s confirmation and finally get the API.If you want free advice, the Securitec team can provide you with one totally free. You justhave to complete this form.

That was just a summary of what you can do with multi-agent WhatsApp and thebenefits that your business will have with this feature.

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