How to write a digital marketing resume?

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Digital marketing is an exponentially growing domain. It provides huge opportunities to strengthen your career. Digital marketing has become a very fascinating domain for employees. Building a career in digital marketing ensures a wide spectrum of job profiles. The domain requires a creative instinct and strong skills.

During a recruitment process, employers look for top-notch skills in a candidate. A strong resume makes sure to gather the right attention of people towards you. The best way of demonstrating a candidate’s skill is through a strong digital marketing resume. But writing this document is not that easy. It requires a keen eye for detail along with polished creative writing. There are several other points to concentrate upon while writing your application.

Choosing the right format

The right format makes the resume scannable for employers. This helps them to observe the main points without getting distracted. An HR goes through several resumes in a day. So you need to make your resume easy to read and fascinating at the same time. Impressing recruitment even when you are not physically in front of them is important.

Let’s discuss the right format:

  • Begin with giving a good introduction to your resume. You need to add a summary of your resume in the intro. You can also take it as the objective of your resume.
  • Then, elaborate on your work history and academic-related information. Follow the reverse chronological pattern for this section.
  • Focus on your marketing and creative skills because this provides the main content for your resume. The recruiter will focus on this with priority.
  • Don’t forget to add an extra resume segment to come out as a strong individual among the crowd of competitors. Don’t forget to incorporate resume keywords in the resume and also try to involve the given information about the job in your resume.
  • Also, try to use easy-to-understand but attractive and clean-looking fonts. Pick creative resume templates which stand out. Treat your resume as a creative project instead of maintaining the same monotonous writing.

Focus on writing your experience

We have already mentioned that writing your experience is essential. However, just noting the period and company designation is not enough. You need to provide a good explanatory remark for your experience.

Do you know the digital marketing employment percentage will increase by 10% by 2026? Imagine the huge number of candidate ratio increments. It will also pull out huge competition for all the budding marketers. That’s why your experience becomes very crucial in the hiring process.

So when you are writing your experience make sure that you-

  • Describe your experience in pointer forms.
  • Write a summary of your job profile.
  • Explain the work you did during that job.
  • Emphasize your achievements during that job.

Describe your academics

Irrespective of the type of resume, it is important to explain your academics and education. Sometimes candidates exaggerate this portion and end up making false claims. However, never do this because even all HRs have their ways to get the right information. When you are describing your academics make sure to follow these points-

  • Don’t overcomplicate your educational degrees.
  • Don’t stuff unnecessary details.
  • Start with your highest education level.

Emphasize your skills

It is the most important part of a digital marketing resume. Provide proper descriptions for your skills. Always present your sample work and portfolio to solidify your claims.

Mention your hard skills as well as soft skills. Some of the most crucial skills for a digital marketer are content creation & automation, collaboration skills, time management, search engine optimization, communication skills, etc.

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