How to Write an Awesome Blog Post in 5 Steps?

Writing and publishing a post on the blog page consistently is important. Irrespective of the frequency of blog posting, it is important to be consistent with the blog posts so that the readers will be returning and bring more business along with them. But writing an engaging blog consistently is not easy and here are the most important and the basic steps in writing an awesome blog post.

Steps in writing an engaging awesome blog post:

  • Planning on the topic:

This is one of the most important steps in writing a blog and is also mostly overlooked by most of the bloggers. Before sitting down with the PC to start writing, ensure that you have everything to write. Doing the homework will actually help to save time down the lane and help in developing exceptional blogging habits.

  • Choose a topic that interests you, so that it will also interest the reader. The blogger should be able to create compelling content no matter how dry the topic is and still make it interesting at the end of it all.
  • Write an outline for the post, to begin with as it helps the blogger to keep themselves on track. The outline need not be lengthy or detailed but will offer a rough guide for the blogger to write compelling content.
  • Do the research, this is one of the biggest secrets of professional bloggers. To write about a subject authoritatively it is important to research on a blog post properly.
  • Check the facts before writing the content. It is extremely important to avoid mistakes with facts while writing a blog post.

  • Choosing an excellent headline and title for the blog:

It is important to include an attractive and catchy headline for the blog. The title should be as specific as possible so that it does not mislead the readers and also does cover their expectations. There are two main approaches while choosing to write about blog post headlines. The writer can decide on the final headline before they write the rest of the post, or write the blog post with the working title and see if it fits the work. A majority of the blogger outreach services recommend that the headline should vary depending on the nature of the audience. Sometimes case study blog headlines with attractive figures perform extremely well owing to their transparent nature. (For instance, how our project generated $ 45,000 in 50 days).

Another common technique is to pose a question through a headline. (For instance, How to write an effective blog post). Such headlines also have excellent benefits and if the audience is genuinely interested in the questions, then such posts will be a massive hit.

  • Writing effectively:

After performing the ground research and settled on the headline, the next most important aspect is the writing part. Just like the headline, there are two main approaches to writing a blog post. Either the blogger can sit down and write the entire draft in a single sitting or do it gradually over time. getting everything done is a single session is effective, as it makes the person stay focused on the topic and minimizes the chances of missing out the most crucial points. It is true that writing becomes easy and natural with practice. So keep writing blog posts as frequently as possible.

  • Don’t just stick on to words, incorporate images:

Writing for the web is entirely different than normal writing for print. Sometimes the audience does not have the time and ability to focus on lengthy blog posts but will pay attention to visual simulation. Even a well formatted blog post without any image will bore the reader to the core. One important reason to include images in-between texts is to break up the text. Images can create excellent visual punchlines and even make complex topics easily understandable. Diagrams, charts, tables, images, and infographics are valuable visual assets that help to keep the audience engaged.

  • Editing the article:

Many of us think writing the blog post is hard, but a majority of bloggers and blogger outreach services admit that it is the editing part that is tougher. Editing is not just striking through sentences and fixing grammatical errors and sentence structure. Those these attributes are also important, editing is actually seeing the content as a whole and giving it a complete makeover. Sometimes this could mean sacrificing the words and the hours it took to build them just for the sake of consistency and cohesion.

Final words:

These are some of the important steps to keep in mind while developing a blog post. Blogging is simple and easy and it gets easier with practice and time. To write engaging content, do plenty of homework and research, write in peace and do a lot of editing to shape it as desired.

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