Digital marketing 101: Content is fire; social media is gasoline

Content marketing is one of the oldest types of digital marketing. Over a while, many digital marketing methods have outlived their utility, but content marketing is very much alive and kicking. Moreover, content rules for better search rank.

With over 3.2 billion users worldwide, social media has become one of the most go-to places to make the most out of your content.

Author Jay Bear emphasizes that the combination of content and social media is the modern way of marketing. However, it takes more than you might assume. Spreading content on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn does not guarantee success unless you religiously stick to the following techniques:

1.Schedule your content monthly

Having a monthly calendar will simplify a lot of things to you. Arguably, nothing more than a schedule like this helps you to stay organized and on top of your job. It will also give you a clear picture of how and where you are going to spend your budget, which is a critical factor.

As soon as you complete with the designing of the monthly to-do list, spread it among your team members so that everyone stays on the same track.

2.Share content multiple times

Nobody is surfacing your social media channel 24/7. So you can share a particular piece of content more than once to get the maximum ROI.

It is also a healthy practice in a sense that new people keep following you on social media, and they are least likely to scroll down and read all your earlier posts. Therefore, to make life easier for them, you should consider sharing your previously published articles – especially popular ones – more than once.

However, avoid overdoing it. There is a thick line between reminding people and spamming them.

3.Share content at optimal times

Many people give it everything while crafting content and then screw up everything by posting it at the wrong time. Yes, there are specific times when users are more active on social media than usual. That’s why even an ordinary post accumulates more engagements when it gets shared at the right time. In technical terminology, these hours are the optimal times.

It used to be a laborsome task but not anymore after the inception of automation tools. Now you can schedule every single post at a given time, and it will be made available to the public on its own.

4.Keep experimenting with the language

Social media has played its part to diversify the style. Before social media emerged on the scene, we had a set pattern of using punctuations. For example, a full stop was used to connote the end of a sentence. Now, a full stop can convey multiple meanings.

Same goes for the words. More often than not, past writers used a formal tone in their write-ups, which sounds somewhat robotic to the modern generation.

So you should not be afraid to experiment with your language and keep measuring your KPIs to know what kind of tone your audience prefers.

5.Diversify your content

Regardless of how famous your brand may be, avoid over-advertising yourself. Hardly anything irritates millennials more than that. People will take the perception of your brand being self-centered, which does not give a whit about keep the audience informed but instead prefers me-talk.

Therefore, your posts need to maintain a balance. And that’s one reason why having a monthly schedule is essential. You must give room to a variety of content on the monthly spreadsheet.

6.Add feature image on your blogs

Social media has done a great deal to make the audience visuals-centric. People are likely to see your blog’s feature image before anything else. You have to include feature image for it increases the chances of earning more clicks.


The crux of the whole discussion is that social media is necessary gasoline that your content needs. However, the ‘fire of content and gasoline of social media’ will never work for you until you subscribe to the above methods.

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