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Most Helpful Apps for Students

Students are known for having super busy lives and limited funds. So why not get some apps that can help your life once in a while. There are numerous apps for students out there, but some quite honestly suck. So I have narrowed down a few apps on almost every popular platform from the Web to the BlackBerry that should be must-haves in your student life.

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Application for Web Analysis


  1. CourseSmart – Paper textbooks are so old school and quite frankly, cost a pretty penny. So why not be like all the other cool kids and save money at the same time, by getting all of those ‘required’ textbooks online. CourseSmart is perfect for that, you can always access them, you will never ‘forget for class’, and you don’t have to wait in line to trade it in at the end of the semester.
  2. Evernote – Keeps your notes whether they are sound, images, or text. You can clip images that you want to keep note of from the Internet, sound bites, and text notes on the web to take with you anywhere as it’s saved on the web. This is perfect if you are writing a paper and found sources in various locations, just save them to your Evernote account and they will be in one place when you need them.
  3. Pandora – I know, I couldn’t study an ounce without my tunes and there’s no reason to pirate them (yes I said it) or pay for them these days. This is where Pandora comes in. Simply select a music genre, turn the speakers loud, and prepare for that huge Chemistry test the next day.
  4. – We can’t all spelling bee champs and sometimes the meaning of a word just slips you. That’s ok though, there’s There’s no need to even possess that heavy, clunky paper dictionary any longer, just pop in the word you need help with and the dictionary will pull up the meaning, the correct (and alternate spellings), and even similar meanings with their Thesaurus feature.
  5. Quizlet – Flashcards are student’s best friend, especially when they aren’t paper. Quizlet lets you create and study with flashcards on the web. You can study in multiple modes – and hey it’s free, what’s the risk?!
  6. WebElements – For those crazy science classes that make us all take, how about an easy to understand and the accessible periodic table of elements. It’s interactive and is much more informative than the standalone, static chart in the back of your book.
  7. – Besides textbooks, one of the most expensive purchases I’ve realized for students in high school and higher tends to be that infamous scientific calculator. I still to this day, don’t know why they aren’t cheaper yet. Anyhow, until Texas Instruments and the other’s get on board, there’s always to save you. It’s easy to use and online for FREE, that beats $80 or so any day.
  8. SparkNotes – If you haven’t used SparkNotes before, you should consider yourself a student, how else are you finding out the content of the book – oh yea reading it. This is beside the case when you need a quick brush up on an assigned book Sparknotes should be your go-to web app.

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  1. Open Office – Forget shelling out the money for Microsoft Office, this app is so similar it’s scary. It has every feature Microsoft Office has, plus some and even functions very similar to it – and it’s free. (Also available on Linux and the Mac)
  2. TimeLiner XE (School Version) – This cool timeline app helps you visually organize any information on a timeline or sequence. It’s super helpful to use for yourself so you can relationships between events and information, but if you have a class presentation, a timeline is a way to wow them.
  3. Study Perfect – Flashcard app for your PC. Has advanced options like flashcard printing, images, and freestyle diagram drawing.
  4. AVG Free Anti-virus – The unfortunate truth is that if you have Windows, you have to have a Anti-virus software, so might as well get one for free and this is the king of the free Window’s Anti-Virus software and in my opinion works as well as any of the paid offerings out there.
  5. Notalon – Note-taking app for students. You take notes while reading or listening, and, once you’re done, export them to PDF.

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  1. SchoolHouse – This cool app on the Mac, makes keeping track of your busy school life fun actually. It’s an easy, quick and powerful way to manage what they need to work on.
  2. Kindle for Mac – Kindle on the Mac (also works on various other devices) will keep you from making your first college mistake – purchasing textbooks. If you have a Mac, simply open Kindle and you have access to textbooks from various publishers at a much lower rate.
  3. Pear Note – Perfect Mac app for taking notes in class and keeping them organized. You can integrate text, audio, and video notes in the app. As well as the slides your professor made, now that’s a time saver.
  4. Timeline 3D – Students can create beautiful timeline presentations with Timeline 3D on their Mac. Timeline 3D helps students present full screen interactive timelines with a 3D perspective. Timeline 3D is perfect for adding splash to your presentation with the ability to add images, video, use your Apple Remote and more. Timelines can’t get better than that.


  1. Inkscape – Are you into creating drawings, ,etc. Well do everything you can not to pay for the expensive Adobe Illustrator, with Inkscape on Linux you can do almost everything you can do in Illustrator for FREE. (also available on Windows)
  2. KStars – From the Astronomy students to those just take a liking to the sky KStars is an app for you. KStars provides an accurate graphical simulation of the night sky, from any location on Earth, at any date and time.
  3. KWordQuiz – This app is a flashcard app just for vocabulary words and who doesn’t need more work on their vocabulary. KWordQuiz is an app that actually takes vocabulary review and makes it fun and that’s almost impossible.

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  1. Grades – None of us are taking these college courses just for fun, there is a goal and the goal is a great grade. So the Grades app will help you get there. Just enter the grade you want and Grades will show you what you need to get there.
  2. Cram – A study app on your iPhone saves you the late night trips to the drugstore and $4.99 each pack. Cram helps you study with flashcards or practice multiple-choice mode (works on the Mac also). Cram features images, test history, downloadlable tests, a share feature with friends, and access to numerous test subjects with
  3. myHomework – This FREE app helps students stay on top of their assignments and calendar. myHomework features color coded assigments, so you will never miss a due date.


  1. StudyDroid – This is a great study tool for your Droid device. It’s simple, functions well, and puts your flashcards right on your Droid for FREE, how wonderful.
  2. Aldiko – Skip purchasing your paper textbooks new or used. This app is an eBook reader and they have access to libraries of popular textbook publishers which will allow you to carry your textbooks right in your pocket. Tell your friends to attempt that.
  3. CoursePro – Track your homework, assignments, school projects, and grades with this lovely app on your Droid.

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