Instagram for Business: keys to stand out with your biography

Instagram for business

Writing goodInstagrambios may sound easy, but it actually takes a lot of thought. It is the first contact that potential followers will have with your brand, it is the key so that your followers know who you are, what you do and where to find you.

With an optimizedbiographywe can get more followers, and consequently, generate more traffic and consumption of our content. So take all the time you need to think and write it down. You must be creative, realistic, and persuasive.

Now we are going to analyze the key elements that make up the biography:

Your name:

Include yourname(if you have a personal brand) or that of your business so that you can be easily identified.

Your user name:

This will be youridentifier(@__), so think about it, because it will serve as an essential tool so that people can easily find you.

Your name and username are the only fields that Instagram considers in thesearch engine, so they have to be consistent and recognizable and easy to remember.

Your profile picture:

If you have alogo, this must be your profile picture.

The category:

Thecategoryappears in gray below the name. For this you will have to choose which one best defines your business (Websites and blogs, Local business, etc.) and also asubcategory(personal blog, health website, etc).

The description:

Biography allows you to only write150 charactersto explain who you are and what you do. So in this section it is essential that you be creative to stand out and attract attention, while showing the personality of your brand. Take a look at the competition and briefly explain what makes you stand out. You can add your location if you want to attract a specific audience.

At this point, it is very useful to includeemojis(to generate more sympathy and reinforce the visual aspect of the profile) andhashstags(it helps you generate a greater conversion through keywords). It is very important that you use both resources with coherence to the personality you want to reflect.

Custom link:

This link is used to send your followers to yourwebsite or blog. But in many cases brands use it to redirect users to their latest blog post, the latest product launched, etc. Now Instagram has added a new function ”“, which allows you to add links to any of your Instagram posts. It also allows you to tag a variety of different products, linking to each product page on your website.

Contact details:

Instagram allows you to add contact buttons with yourphoneand / or your emailaddressor direct message, without taking up space in the text of the biography. It also allows you to enter your business address.

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