Is data analytics a trump card for HRs to drive better engagement?

Data drive better engagement

Human Resource departments of any firm are one of the most important teams in the company. Therefore, there’s no doubt about the fact that they need topnotch technological solutions and programs to improve their performance. One of the major responsibility of the HR team is to boost employee engagement. Now here, what can help the HRs the most is a bunch of information related to the employees. Data related to their interests, their work, their dislikes, their problem areas etc. is going to help the HR to derive better ways to engage the employees. Therefore, needless to say, data analytics does play a very pivotal role when it comes to helping a firm build better HR and employee engagement strategies.

What’s exactly the role of a Human Resource executive?

Whenever we hear the term ‘Human Resource or HR’, we immediately relate it to recruitment. However, in most of the companies, recruitment is another wing of HR. Also, when it comes to the key roles and responsibilities of the HR team, it goes beyond hiring the right talent for the company. Therefore, every HR is expected to amplify their performance. They are constantly on the lookout for the best resources to help them drive better results. This is where the role of effective data analytics solutions come into play.

First, let’s have a look at the key roles of the Human Resource departments of a company, and how data analytics can help them to better:

Employee Engagement/Experience

Employee engagement or rather employee experience is quickly becoming extremely important for any firm. Every company now a days is focusing on improving their employee engagement and experience ration. This is where the role of the HR comes to play. The HR executives of any firm have to keep devising newer plans to keep the employees engaged. In fact now, companies have moved beyond employee engagement to employee experience. So, HR teams have to make sure that employees are valued, and they feel engaged in the firm. At the same time, HR teams have to make sure that the employees feel happy working in a firm. Maintaining employee engagement or experience is one of the most important areas of responsibilities of the HR department.

Now, when it comes to boosting employee engagement, Big Data is very important. Why? As, only with the help of a high volume of information related to the employees, companies can understand what needs to be done to keep the employees happy and engaged. Data analytics help them get useful insights on the interest of the employees. Also, various data analytics reports are generated just to understand how the employee engagement programs are performing. This not only helps to understand what lead to the success or failure of any employee engagement program, but it also help to perform better employee engagement and other strategies.

Resolving conflicts

One of the other major areas of functions of an HR team is to make sure that the conflicts are resolved. If any employees or teams are facing any conflicts, then the HR experts are required to intervene and sort out the issues. Though, rarely in a professional environment we see extremely big issues between employees. But, if there are any, then HR team has to make sure that issue is resolved without any partiality. Does data analytics play a role here too? Well, yes. With the help of data, you can get to know the employees better. Also, it helps to understand the whole situation as well.

Maintaining the reputation of the company

Human Resource team is not only responsible for maintaining the issues of the employees. In fact, in many ways, HR teams are responsible for maintaining the repo of the company too. They have to identify the key areas of problem of the employees, and have to work out measures to solve them. This is done to prevent the employees from giving a bad feedback about the company. Also, the employee engagement programs and other events should be designed in such a way that boosts the repo of the organization. Here, data analytics is constantly done to understand the target audience. Also, the performance reports of past events etc. is also generated. Such type of events can also help boost employee engagement if employees are made a part of such events in any way possible. HR department of your firm may not be involved in the making or selling of a product of a firm, but they indeed hold a very important spot in the company.

Data analytics is the study of information to derive better insights related to the employees. This further helps the company to perform better in many ways!

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