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Isohunt- Unblock Isohunt- Isohunt Proxy and Mirror Sites 2021

Torrent sites are very popular, and there is no lack of such sites on the internet. Such sites are popular because they provide free content. Who does not want to watch movies for free, right?

However, the worst part about torrent sites is that they provide pirated content, and as a result, they are blocked in many countries.

One of the popular torrent sites is Isohunt that provides movies, TV shows, games and, other content for free.

What is Isohunt?

Isohunt torrent is a huge repository of torrent files, where the users can search, download, browse and, upload different types of torrent content like movies, software, music, etc. Gary Fung created the site in January 2003. The current status of the site is offline.

All the content was available for free on Isohunt, and as a result, the site was highly popular. However, since it provided pirated content, the site faced several lawsuits, most important of which was filed by MPAA against it. Hence, finally, the site was shut down in 2013.

However, the site has many proxy and mirror sites that keep on changing over time, and some of them are still working.

Why Isohunt Service?

The legal sites are paid sites, and the subscription charges are pretty high, and everybody cannot afford to buy paid subscriptions of legal sites to watch content. On the other hand, Isohunt provides all the latest and popular content is available for free. Hence, the Isohunt torrent is an economical option for most people as it helps you to save unnecessary subscription charges.

Isohunt is compatible with all types of devices because of its efficient and wonderful user interface, be it a smartphone or PC. Not only this, it is a good alternative for other torrent sites as well.

Isohunt is very quick on adding new releases, and it happens to a site that never misses out on new content. Hence the site seems to be updated regularly. Besides, it also provides many multiple downloading options.

Isohunt offers so many beneficial features to its users, and this is why it happens to be so popular.

Why did Isohunt block?

Isohunt is a torrent site, and that provides illicit content. It leaks and provides the copyrighted content, thus violating copyright laws. As a result, it has faced several lawsuits, including the one filed by MPAA that resulted in its ultimate shut down.

Illegal sites are not allowed to operate in many countries, and hence, as a result, and it is being blocked in many countries.

Proxy for Isohunt

Since the original Isohunt site was taken down back in 2013, now only its proxy sites are working. The proxy site of any blocked website acts as a back door or link that connects the users to the original blocked site. The proxy sites are very similar to the original sites and consist of similar content and features to the original Isohunt website.

Therefore, the function of the Isohunt proxy site is to fill the absence of the original blocked site. It will unblock the site and provide similar content to the users.

Following are some of the working Isohunt proxy sites.

Proxy 1

Proxy 2

Proxy 3

Proxy 4

Proxy 5

Proxy 6

Proxy 7

Proxy 8

Proxy 9

These are some of the working iso hunt working proxy and mirror sites. All of these proxy links might not be working all the time. Some might be down sometimes. Therefore, users have to check themselves which site is working and which is down.

List of Alternatives

Some of the popular alternatives to iso hunt are as follows-

  • Rarbg
  • Pirate bay
  • Idope
  • 1337x
  • LimeTorrents
  • Kickass Torrents
  • YTS
  • Extratorrent
  • YourBitTorrent
  • Torrentz2eu
  • re

Alternatives of Isohunt

Due to its illicit content, the site has been blocked in some countries; hence accessing it in those regions is not so easy. However, there are many cool alternatives available that are very similar to Isohunt to. Most of the free alternatives are also torrent sites, and hence they are also illegal. However, it doesn’t mean that we cannot access these just because they are illegal and blocked. We can access such sites using VPN or proxy links.

Given below are some of the best alternatives of

· Rarbg Proxy

Rarbg provides both torrent files, and magnet links are provided. It uses the BitTorrent protocol that facilitates peer-to-peer file sharing. Its content comprises all the latest and popular movies, music, TV shows, games and, software that are available for free. Besides, this site is very secure to use, and it can act as a really good alternative to Isohunt to.

· Piratebay Proxy

Pirate bay is perhaps the oldest torrent website that launched in Sweden back in 2002 and is also the world’s most-visited torrent site. It also uses the BitTorrent protocol for peer-to-peer file sharing among users. It has over a million torrent files and links, many of which are user-generated and uploaded by millions of people worldwide. Plus, it consists of nearly 25 languages content. Although the original site is shut down, it has some working proxy sites that provide similar content to the original site to their millions of users worldwide.

· ExtraTorrent Proxy

ExtraTorrent Proxy happens to be one of the top 5 torrent websites and also one of the best alternatives to isohunt. It has a huge collection of movies, TV shows, music, games and, software available for free. The site happens to be a bit chaotic due to its outdated user interface, but it consists of really amazing content that overshadows its other limitations.

· 1337x Proxy

Being the world’s third most-visited torrent site, 13377x Proxy is also a very popular torrent site. It has a huge collection of contents that are available for free. Here, accessing mirror sites and proxy is easy.

· Limetorrents Proxy

If you are a gamer, then this site is certainly for you. Limetorrents is known for its cool gaming content that it provides for free. Limetorrents database is a combination of various torrent websites as it not only hosts the content but also shares from other torrent sites.

· YourBit Torrent

YourBit Torrent earlier was a part of BitTorrent, and in the year 2009, with the split in ownership, the YourBitTorrent emerged as a separate site. This site does not host files but provides and shares links from other torrent sites. It is also one of the best alternatives to isohun.

· YTS Proxy

Being a peer-to-peer file-sharing site, YTS distributes video content like movies and TV shows for free and that too in HD format, and as a result, this site has become so popular over time. However, this site is only for movie lovers as other contents like TV shows or series are not available on this site.

· Idope

Idope is another popular torrent meta-search engine site and consists of a huge library of torrent files and links that it provides to its users for free. Hence, this is also one of the best alternatives to Isohunt.

Where to find a working Isohunt proxy?

There is no specific answer or location to this question, but we suggest you search for the keyword “working Isohunt proxy site” on google or on any other browser. I hope you can find the working proxy list among the search results shown by your browser. After doing this, you can access directly from the links provided within the search results.

List of working Isohunt Proxy and Mirrors

  • Proxy 1
  • Proxy 2
  • Proxy 3
  • net (VPN required)
  • to (VPN required)
  • Proxy 4
  • Proxy 5
  • Proxy 6
  • Proxy 7
  • Proxy 8
  • Proxy 9
  • fun (VPN required)
  • tv (VPN required
  • ch (VPN required)
  • unblocked (VPN required)
  • unblocked

Is it worth using Isohunt proxy?

Isohunt and its proxy sites provide free content; how can we consider it to be worthless? But one thing is there that it is a torrent site, and it is not safe to use torrent sites as their pirated, user-generated content and ads bring harmful malware to your device and corrupt it. There are also chances of data theft.

Hence, it is up to the users whether they want to enjoy the free content or whether they want to save their data and device.

However, we suggest the iso hunter users prefer legal sites over illegal ones as using an illegal site is a matter of data theft and device corruption and committing a crime by using such a site. How to Unblock Isohunt content?

Due to its illicit contents, Isohunt has been blocked in some countries. Therefore, you have to rely on other ways to get access to the site. The only two ways to unblock ishohunt, however, are proxy sites and the VPN.

To unblock Isohunter, you have to install the VPN software on the device and then connect to a server with the lowest ping by opening the app thus installed. The VPN will give safe and secure access to the site, and you don’t have to worry about being tracked down and jailed as it hides your IP address and location.

After connecting to the server, you can easily get safe and secure access to Isohunt. This is how you unblock Isohunt content using a VPN server.


It is a crime to access any illegal site, be it Isohunter or any other torrent site. Besides, it is also not safe to use such sites. Therefore, we recommend that the iso hunter users opt for legal sites like Disney+, Amazon Prime or Netflix over illegal torrent sites as the legal sites are much safer than illegal sites.

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