Watch Lover’s Guide: 4 Power Watches for Men


Do you call yourself a watch lover? Of course, you do. It is your love for watches that brings you here. Besides, even if you’re not, you can never say no to a classy wristwatch as it empowers and brings out your best version. You can make lasting impressions and powerful statements with an elegant timepiece on your wrist. But did you know there are three types of watch movements: Quartz, Automatic and Mechanical? 

Here is a brief description for your understanding – the watch that absorbs the kinetic energy from the wearer’s hand is known as an Automatic movement watch. And in a Quartz movement watch, the second’s hand move in classic individual ticks, the energy is powered by batteries. While in the case of a Mechanical movement, the second’s hand move in a swift, sweeping motion, requiring manual winding to function. 

The next time you go watch shopping keep these three types of movements in mind while exploring your options. The most authentic and powerful of them all, Men’s Quartz Watches, are considered to be the best. They empower you with confidence and act as an emblem of your fine taste and elite fashion choices.

Here are four men’s quartz watches that will surely win your heart and fill you up with immense power and esteem. 

The Classic Silver Dail And A Leather Strap

The Classic Silver Dail And A Leather Strap

Remarkably elegant and chic, this one-of-a-kind watch is the most simple yet significant amongst the other men’s quartz watches. This sophisticated watch from Titan is a classic piece that is sure to win the hearts of many. Style this delicate gold case watch with formals and semi-formals to achieve a high-end premium look. Let the fine brown strap of this ultimate classy watch elevate your overall appeal.  Lightweight and extremely comfortable, this watch does justice to its name by adding a superior edge to your outfit effortlessly! 

Make A Major Style Statement

Make A Major Style Statement

Want to express much without saying anything? If yes, then put on this grand black and gold watch to make a major style statement wherever you go. Men’s quartz watches are designed to be bold and stand out from the rest. Thus channel your bold personality and enigmatic charisma with this distinctive wristwatch that empowers you from the within. 

Flaunt Your Sophisticated Style In An Elite Silver Wristwatch

Flaunt Your Sophisticated Style

Your choice of a watch can say a lot about your personality so, pick carefully. For example, are you someone who has a very specific and fine taste?  When making a choice in life, from your clothes, career to your fashion accessories, do you opt for the most subtle yet impactful option? In that case, this watch will help you flaunt and embrace yourself. Continue making better choices and let the world know about your grand style taste by wearing this powerful metal strap watch every time you step out.  

For The Love Of  Black!

For The Love Of Black!

Add this black beauty to your wardrobe and let it work its magic. This multi-function watch from Titan can miraculously add glamour to any outfit. Uber-stylish and extremely versatile, this watch is a true definition of class. Style this watch with your jeans and a button-down shirt to get the perfect casual look, or pair it with your formal workwear outfits to radiate your mysterious vibes. Make lasting impressions and bold statements with this powerful black watch on your wrist.

Every watch lover must possess at least one quartz watch, as they not only are a beautiful fashion accessory but also stand for a major status symbol. Express your worth without saying much. Let these powerful men’s quartz watches do the talking for you. Moreover, when shopping for men’s quartz watches, make sure you go for reliable brands that offer authentic products at honest and transparent prices. You can browse through the online website of Titan Watches to discover trendy watches that are of known brands that are sure to make all the difference! 

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